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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Looking For Swimsuit Models

Note: This is not an Advertorial because I don't get pay by posting this. This is just a favour for a friend of mine and also to let more people know about this coming audition.

Ok, girls that missed out the audition for Malaysian Dreamgirl but are still interested in joining the modeling industry? Here's your chance, SGX Faces, a modeling agency is looking for swimsuit models for their client Nikonian Academy for their April Swimsuit Photography class.

I'm not sure whether they need guy or not but SGX Faces do look for male model if the need arise, so guys you can try to submit your application too. No, I won't be submitting mine.

Those interested can send your photos to SGX Faces will be having an audition to look for swimsuit model. You'll be call for audition after they qualify you. If you are not suitable for swimsuit modeling, you might be chosen for other assignment that they have on hand because there are many other projects going on. No guarantees though.

For further information you can give a call to SGX Faces office at 03-7955 2998 or 012-391 6833 and ask for Andrew Boey. Full contact details here.

Closing date is 7th of April 2008.

Below is a sample shot of the model from the March Swimsuit Photography class of Nikonian Academy.

Click to enlarge:

Model: Natasha

Makeup: Simple makeup by Natasha herself.

Photographer: Andrew Boey (Director of Academy, Nikonian Academy)


Dan-yel said...

Dude, I can see lumps of fat. Feel free to call me meticulous... Hahaha. But anyway, I won't preferr an ultra-thin Serbian models. I say it's a return to the age of Renaissance where plump women are revered in paintings as representation of beauty and health, instead of the slim skinny ones the likes of Keira Knightley.

Tummythoz said...

No highway, super corridor way will I qualify to apply BUT don't mind QC any male models. =P

Pixie Clover said...

Hmm.kinda interested^^,but not swimsuit modelling,haha,too skiny la,sigh..maybe other project as well^^..
anyway,i have tried to go for SeGi,but dont have archtecture course..UCSI is at Cheras,Taman Connaught,heard before?

curryegg said...

She's so hot!!!!
Wow!!... ;D

Simon Seow said...

daniel: yeah, back to the Tang Dynasty.

tummythoz: not sure they want QC or not :p

clover: yeah, you can send in your photo to try out. UCSI, Cheras, quite far from your house wor. Of course I know, there's a few bloggers also studying there now.

Kelly: you're hot too ;)

Anonymous said...

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