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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Energizer Guy On Nuffnang Pajama Party Events

I'm Ener G.

Hi folks, my name is Energizer Guy, Ener G for short. I'll be the one reporting about the events that happened last Saturday in the Nuffnang Pajama Party. Someone got too exhausted taking pictures with other bloggers and slept on his job for reporting about this party.

The someone that slept on the job. Picture stolen borrowed from Kelly Tan.

Let us rewind back to 5.45 p.m. on 15th of March 2008 before the party start again. Sounds familiar? I arrived with Simon and Amy to Barok Borneo Club for the Nuffnang Pajama Party. We're the earliest to arrive given Malaysian timing which will always be 1 hour late. We met the staffs of Nuffnang busy preparing for this big event. So, I go around taking pictures of the perparations.

Yatz, Nicholas, and Skyler were busy piling up the goodies bag that is to be given to the invited bloggers. While Robb, Yee Hou and Michelle were busy with the reception and Samantha busy laughing.

Samantha busy laughing away.

Then Skyler went on to move the Nuffnang banner to be place near the entrance, and no man there to help her, poor girl. I can't do nothing, I'm just a stuff battery.

Nuffies were given instruction by Yee Hou of what do to when the guests arrive. First you spank them then you kiss them. First ask whether he/she is from Malaysia or Singapore, second single or taken, for single give the green wrist band and taken give the red wrist band, third write on the wrist band the group (Ken, Barbie, Superman, Lois Lane, Tarzan, Jane, Prince Charming, Cinderella, and etc), fourth spank the girl first if there's two, then only spank the guy.

Guest and media starting to arrive at around 6.15 p.m. Early juga Malaysian. That's why you see the Nuffnang staffs were not in their pajamas yet.

Fast forward to about 7.30 p.m., all the guests from Malaysia and Singapore have arrived and Liang the MC for the night went up stage to greet the crowd. First announcement, SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE BECAUSE TIMOTHY JUST HAD AN EYE OPERATION A WEEK AGO. He then invited Ming and Timothy on stage to give their speeches.

Timothy giving his opening speech.

He then invited all the staffs from Nuffnang to thank them for a job well done in organizing this event. A round of applause please. *clapping sound*

Let the party begin!

The first ice breaker game is to get an item from the people in the party. The first item is....the smelly bolster of Timothy. Just as Liang announced this, everyone rush to Tim who was sitting in one corner. He had to run out to the floor and smartly he threw the bolster far away so that he won't be stampede. Someone got his bolster and claim the prize for the Nuffie on the stage.

The second item.... both socks that Ming is wearing and the crowd started to chase Ming around the club, and within 30 seconds someone got Ming's socks. He went up stage and Liang ask him to smell the socks for 10 seconds before he can get the prize.

Wah, the sock smell so nice ah.

Nicholas's pair of slippers are the next target, and both Daniel Bong and another guy got one each. So, to see who's the winner both of them have to do push up with a Nuffie sitting on top of each of them and see who can last longer. Alas, Daniel emerged the winner with 26 times of push up.

After this, another game was introduced. The pairing game. Remember the grouping written on the wrist band. The participant have to look for another participant that is a pair with him/her and to be the first to go up the stage. For example, Liang will announce, Tarzan and Jane, so the guy in Tarzan group with have to look for a girl in the Jane group and vice versa. Together both of them be the first to reach the stage and claim the prize from the Nuffie.

Oh, hi folks, Ener G here reporting live from the first floor. Kenny Sia just arrived from Bangkok and are now on the stage greeting all the bloggers, while I'm upstair chatting with Malaysian Dreamgirl that is upstair having their dinner. Of course, as blogger we must give support to a fellow blogger that made it into the final of Malaysian Dreamgirl, its none other than Ringo aka Cheesie. To vote for her send DREAM 11 to 33001.

The sleepy head suddenly so fresh in front of Ringo. Stop hugging me like that, I can't breath.

Kenny was there that night to be the MC for a game that is play with the Malaysian Dreamgirl finalist and the invited guest. A finalist will be call out and strike a pose and the participant have to follow the pose, the one that can do better than the Malaysian Dreamgirl finalist win a prize.

Kid Chan posing for the competition.

Valerie aka Chipster Girl.

After the posing games, a cake was brought on the stage, and it's time to sing birthday song to Nuffnang. Ming and Tim were invited on the stage to blow the candle on the cake after 300 plus people sang the birthday song.

A rememberance frame was given to Su Ann aka Pinkpau as a gratitude to her for planning out the games and help in organizing this party.

Su Ann receiving the frame from Ming. She was surprised.

It was time to announce the winner for the 3 Chipsters posts.

David Lian won the Nintendo Wii

Valerie won the Best Pyjama category. She even brought the Chipster pillows to the party.

The Nuffnang staffs then gave their bosses Ming and Tim each a pair of underwear that was written with a message to show how much they love their bosses. Liang asked Ming and Tim to wear the underwears on the spot.

Tim checking out the special gift from his staffs.

Nuffnang money was given out that night as the currency to bid for prizes. Nuffnang money can be won from other by engaging in a game of War of Thumb or Paper, Scissors, Rock. Prizes for bidding are 3 Panasonic Lumix digital camera, 1 plug on, 1 plug from and a kiss from Dawn Yang.

KY won the bid for a Lumix. He bid with about 8000 Nuffnang money.

Roshann won the kiss from Dawn Yang with the help of a few other bloggers.

At about 10.30 p.m. the party ends and the stage was given back to the singers from Borneo Barok Club. Some of the bloggers were still there taking pictures and mingling. While the bloggers from Singapore gathered at the entrance to go on the coach that will take them back to the hotel.

People from Nuffnang started to clean and pack the place. Even Timothy gets his hand dirty to help out, so Nuffnang is a successful dot com startup has it's reason. See the attitude of the people behind it and you'll know why Nuffnang is what it is today.

People from Nuffnang busy clearing up.

A job well done. Picture courtesy of Michelle Tan.

Thank you Nuffnang for inviting me, Ener G to this great party. So, this is Energizer Guy, in short Ener G signing off, a report brought to you by Simon Says @ I think the sleepy head still sleeping inside the club. Well, let him sleep, I'm going to Coffee Bean with two beautiful ladies, Aronil and PamSong. See ya.


Anonymous said...

wha wha~~~ got mascot commentator some more. Geng!
I wonder where is his mic.

Falcon said...

hei..Great report!!

JesuaFreak said...

Well done... i believe i met u outside the club... b4 the SG entourage left for supper..

Thanks for being a part of nuffnang..apologies for not recognising u

Monica said...

the party looked really great!

Sheryl0202 said...

Simon is it! U still want to chi gek me EVIL haha...yes i am in that pathetic industry :p

Anonymous said...

good post from ener G..LOL

TZ said...

Wow! already have people wearing the towel... i saw one half naked guy... LoL :-p I have to think of something else for next PJ party then...

Simon Seow said...

3.8: mic is built in one mah.

falcon: thanks, and thanks for dropping by too.

Chun Seong: is that how I spell your name. thanks for dropping by. how's the supper? a part of nuffnang? I don't work in Nuffnang if that's what you mean. Ciku here, don't regconize me is normal.

monica: yupe, one of the greatest yet.

sheryl: found you in myblog mah, go and check you out lor. law good mah not good meh?

Yatz: Ener G says,"Thank you"

TZ: Next party might be costume party already.

KY said...

woohoo lumix!

pamsong said...

Hey!!! I never saw the Energizer!!!

Michelle Chin said...

It's just so awesome! I can't believe I'm missing out! I wish there's some teleporter sort of stuff to teleport me over there!

curryegg said...

Haha... I thought you won't admit about the photo? kekekz...
Somehow... I miss the even... sob..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this up. Hehe.. Enjoy reading it :P

Simon Seow said...

KY: you want to give it to me is it?

pam: yeah, I kept it in the bad when I talk with you, worry you think I'm a sissy.

michelle: look for a jumper.

kelly: that's nothing la, for the fun of it. yeah, i missed seeing so many bloggers too.

Rose: Welcome, welcome :)

pamsong said...

HAHAHA. Riigggghhhtttt.

Dan-yel said...

Hello hello, fyi, I'm not that great ok (doing 26 push ups), my arms were severely injured, as of now still awaiting full recovery.. The price to pay for such bliss...

Anonymous said...

feeeewiiiit EnerG damn power!!

did the pretty ladies in costumes spank your battery butt? hahaha :D:D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i thought got no representatives from the food blogging ppl haha..

guess u r the 1 la..

Simon Seow said...

pam: :p

daniel: oh, poor thing. hope you recover soon.

michelle: EnerG here, EnerG didn't get spank, can EnerG get a kiss from you ^^?

Joe: No la, KY also there mah. He got more food than mine.

Anonymous said...

Not bad! So fast u've posted up about the pajama party! I am so way behind! Hu hu hu~

Simon Seow said...

yvonne: considered slow already got more post on that day itself.

Anonymous said...

haha love the report by Ener G. I think i spotted "you" (Ener G) but didnt get to see Simon. loll..

still got one more part of the PJ party from me. sudah malas. =x

Simon Seow said...

Hi Valerie. Ya, I spotted you too but you are very busy running here and there.

You seems to know Bahasa Melayu a lot for a Singaporean.

Yupe, the 3rd post is the final for me.

Anonymous said...

haha..whoops. Had to follow my pillows around la cos they're the celebrities.

Eh I studied bahasa in school plus it also helps that mum & dad speak it too :P