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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bugis, Singapore - Day 2

Continue back to day 2 from my trip in Singapore. After I had katsu for lunch with my sister, we took a bus from Orchard Road to Bugis Junction. My sis took the MRT to go home and I left behind to look around.

CNY Decoration in Bugis Junction

Any expert knows what BHG means? Two years ago was the first time I came to Bugis Junction and I ate a green tea ice-cream that is not too bad. The stall is still there, it just opened two years ago when I came here. It's a Japanese ice-cream I think, the name is Uzumaki. It is how the ice-cream done, after you place your order, the staff will put a frozen cup of ice-cream in to the pressing machine, and out come the green tea ice-cream. You can choose cone or cup.

Still not my favourite though.

My green tea ice-cream in a cone.

The texture of the ice-cream is quite solid and there's a strong taste of green tea in the ice-cream. For SGD 4, this ice-cream is a little bit on the steep side. I still prefer Haagen Daz or New Zealand Natural ice-cream.

After 2 to 3 hours of walking around, I got tired. I walked across the street where there are a few Colonial time shop lots that's still remain. Reminds me of Petaling Street or Malacca in Malaysia. The shop here are now occupied by restaurants, bistros and pubs. I found that Singaporean now like Sze Chuan steamboat a lot because there's already a few Sze Chuan steamboat restaurant here. There's also a Hong Kong chay chan tang style restaurant, Korean restaurant, Thai restaurant, and Japanese restaurant.

Petaling Street?

I found a restaurant & pub that sell my favourite beer and it's happy hour time. I'm happy. For SGD 19 I get 2 glasses 1 1/2 pint of Hoegaarden Light. It cost about RM 20-22 just for a pint in Malaysia. I regretted it after that because I didn't expect it to be such a large glass of Hoegaarden and I have to drink two glasses. I was bloody full.

I need to use both hand to hold it up.

I was drinking here.

Such a small lane.

After I was fully loaded with beer in my belly, I went to a local restaurant at the end of the street and try out a local Singapore delicacy, Fried Hokkien mee, this is not our KL style or Penang style Hokkien mee. It is something like fried mee with prawn added with a wet egg based sauce. The restaurant I went to claimed to be in business since 1969 but the prawn given to me is not very fresh and the taste is not that great. I think it was cooked by a Mainland China lady working there. I don't even want to mention the name of the restaurant here. Anyone knows any good Fried Hokkien mee in Singapore?

The not so good Hokkien Mee.

After that disappointed dinner, I went back to Bugis Junction to go to the MRT station, passed by a Beard Papa stall doing promotion of SGD 10 for 6 puffs. So I bought half a dozen of creamy puffs and took the MRT to go to Simei station. From there took bus No. 5 to go back to my sis's place.


Anonymous said...

You won't believe it.But BHG stand for Be Here for Good Things-_-"They change the management or something like that not too long ago,I still very much prefer to call it by the old name though...

Simon Seow said...

Hi, Evolna, did you went to the Pajama Party yesterday? If yes then I must have missed you.

Such a lame name, Be Here for Good. The old name is Bugis Junction?

You're almost always the first one to Nang me in Innit.

§pinzer said...

hey simon!

give me a mail at christopher.tock at, can exchange msn contacts :D

take care and was great to meet you :)

Chai Latte said...

halo simon, near my place sells good hokkien mee. my thai friend will always packed home to thailand when she comes here.

Justine said...

the ice cream was kinda expensive@@~ cos i plan to buy when last time i was in bugis there..saw a long queue somemore@@~

Simon Seow said...

Chris: Gotcha.

Princess: My favourite drink from Coffee Bean is Chai Latte. Next time I come Singapore must find you lor then.

Justine: Thanks for droping by. Ya, it's more expensive than a scoop of Haagen Daz or New Zealand Natural ice-cream. Now the queue not very long already.

Anonymous said...

i never go the party la!

The old name was Seiyu.I still keep a paper bag I got from there when it was still Seiyu.BHG is the name of the department store not the whole shopping centre.

heeheehee.I am very free ma.

ling239 said...

de hokkien mee looks like mee mamak leh.... XD

Simon Seow said...

Evolna: Oh i see. Sigh, then have to come Singapoer to look for you lor.

ling: It taste more like yee mee.