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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

XX Blog Generator from

I was browsing through archives and bumped into this post. A XX Blog Generator that will generate blog entry for you to swear a ppl.

The text below was generated using XX Blog Generator Copyrights owned by Kenny Sia:

I was in my room this morning, doing some cleaning up, when a RUDE ANG MOH come by and JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD!!!!!!!!!
I tried to be reasonable so I asked politely why he did that. But you know what the fucker did? HE IGNORED ME AND CONTINUE TO JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD!!!! I was going to confront the RUDE ANG MOH further, but I was scared he might punch my fragile new fake nose, deforming it permanently and leaving me ugly forever. :( So I walked away quietly.SO ANGRY! To that RUDE ANG MOH, I HOPE YOUR TESTICLES DROP OFF!
I am so fucking irritated with that RUDE ANG MOH! So what if he is a RUDE ANG MOH? Doesn't mean he can just JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD like that. If every single RUDE ANG MOH come and JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD, I still need to live meh?!!

So, if you're out of idea how to rant or swear in your blog, XX Blog Generator can do the job for you. It's FOC too.


yammylicious said...

thx for droppin by my blog ya..
wad a rude ang mo? nvm nex time buy 1kg of rambutan for him.. XD

Simon Seow said...

Hi Mii, thanks for leaving a comment. That post is fake, it's generated using XX Blog Generator created by Kenny Sia. Ya, I like the way you write refering yourself as Mii. No problem, I drop by almost everyday to check on new food you write.

Simon Seow said...

Mii: I think I mistaken your question. A Rude Ang Mo is something like "sei guai loh". Ang Mo is Hokkien for red hair refering to Westerner, just like we use Cantonese 'guai loh' (Ghost Man).