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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sign That Show You've Been Off the Workforce For Too Long

Last morning after I changed into my sleeping attire (T-Shirt and shorts) and ready to hit the bed, my phone rang. J was on the line.

This was our conversation:

Me: Wei, what's up?
J: Hello. (Sounded just woke up from his slumber)
Me: Yes? (I just came back from a 12 hours shift, so it's kinda restless for me)
J: I woke up late and will be late for work, what excuses do you think I should use?
Me: -__________- (Call me in the morning just to ask this question???? WTF?)
Me: Well, just tell your boss your car was got a puntured tyre half way to work and you need to changed it.
J: Hey, why don't I just tell him my car can't start at all. (Indirectly, no need to go to work).
Me: -___________________________________________-
J: Ok. Bye.
Me: Bye. -_-

For those that is confused, J just went back to a paid job after more than a year working for himself.


ling239 said...

guess he/she has to work extra hard to get back into the "swing"....:p

sharkgila said...

Haha. His evade work skills are rusty, eh.

Simon Seow said...

ling239: ya, just start back less than 1 month.

sharkgila: thanks for dropping by. I think he don't like to skip work unless necessary. So, not much excuses stored.

Vexed with Vexmill said...

Heheh Sharkgila....I might know you since I only know one Sharkgila! Oh're into WOW too?

I happen to be dating a WOW-playing guy...argh

Small world huh...