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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog of the Week Launching Contest

This contest is closed. Winner will be notify or find out here.

To celebrate the launch of Blog of the Week in Simon Says. I'll be running a contest.

Make sure to refesh page, you might get new hint.

The contest is:

Guess which blog I'll be featuring next in Blog of the Week?

Rules & regulation:
1. Only one entry is accepted from one reader.
2. Only those that have registered account or ID can participate. Any anonymous or made up name doesn't have any record that can be tracked will not be considered.
3. The winners are the first two that leave the correct answer in this post's comment.
4. Answers(comment) have to be submitted by 12.00 a.m. 4th of Febuary 2008.
5. Prizes cannot be exchange for cash.

The two winners will get to dine with me in Palate Palette on the month of March 2008. Date and time will be arrange privately between me and the winners. Of course, the bill will be footed by me.

Hint: It's one of the blog from Gluttony. So, pick your answer wisely, you only got 1 chance.

Hint No.2: This blogger can write and read Chinese but never write a whole post in Chinese. He only use some Chinese word for food name or ingredient. (Updated at 29th Jan 2008 12.44 p.m.)

Final Hint: One person got it right already, and qualified for the prize. (Updated at 30th Jan 2008 8.58 a.m.) Maybe I should change that hint to Two person got it right but only one qualified for the prize. Read the rules. (Updated at 1st Feb 2008 12.59 am)

Happy guessing and good luck.


Jackson said...

Masak-masak by Boolicious??

Jackson said...

^^Living in Food Heaven^^ ??? LOL

Simon Seow said...

Jackson, you can only guess once. I give you another chance. The third time will be your final answer.

ling239 said...

i will wait till the last moment....

*while checking at the comments at the other post hahahaaaa ~ ^_^

Michelle Chin said...

Suddenly, I feel so stupid.

I know the blogger must be a guy.

That's all!

amb3r1te said...

i really should read more food blogs -_-"

errr... ky speaks?

he's one of the few that i know of, so tembak only =p

rokh said...

jason mumbles!

Anonymous said...

KY !!

kampungboycitygal said...


Nic (KHKL) said...

interesting idea...with rewards too...nice

my guess: Jason Mumbles

CrazyLobster said...

Ky the gluttonyyyyy

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

that's a difficult one haha

Simon Seow said...

Thanks guys for participating. Eventhough not many but got 2 winners. Check this out for the answer and winners.