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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Behind the Scene of MAS Saya Nak Cuti (Bali)

Have you ever wonder how a traveling program for TV being made? I have the opportunity to follow the MAS Saya Nak Cuti production crew from Astro on their Bali episode with the one of the seven winner, Juliana.

Day 1: Met the crew and Juliana in KLIA. After they checked in their luggage, it's time to go into the departure area. Juliana's mum was there to send her off.

Juliana bidding farewell to her mum.

The crew then shot about makcik's feeling about Juliana's trip.

A picture with the Saya Nak Cuti crew. Ben, me, Aaron, Jon, Kelvin and Juliana.

We then depart to the boarding gate, on the way to the gate the camera is kept rolling to shoot all the moment from going pass the immigration until we reached the gate.

Our flight. Malaysian Hospitality 715 ;)

There's no time wasted, while waiting to board the plane, Aaron Tan the director of this episode of Saya Nak Cuti asked Juliana to put on the hook-on mic so that they can shoot the "interview" about her feeling about the trip before leaving Malaysia to Bali.

What it means by "interview" is that Aaron will ask Juliana questions and she will answer in front of the camera but after editing the audience will not be able to hear Aaron asking the questions, it will be just like Juliana saying to the camera what's her feeling about the trip.

Juliana being "interviewed".

After the MAS airoeplane touched down in Nguh Rai International Airport, Bali. The crew was the last to leave the plane because they are shooting the moment of reaching the airport.

We then split to check-in to each of our hotel because my accommodation is under MAS tour package, so it's the hotel appointed by MAS, which is Legian Paradiso. While the crew booked their own hotel.

After about 3 hours of rest and lunch. It's time to meet up the crew in Badung Market, Denpasar, Bali. The crew has already finished shooting the scene in Badung Market when I finally met up with them. The next area is the Kumbasari Art Market, which is just next the Badung Market.

So, followed them up to Kumbasari art market.

Aaron leading his team. He will also take on the camera too most of the time. It's a small crew.

What the audience won't know is that by the time we reached Kumbasari Art Market, almost all the shops there were closed. So, the crew have to make do with some shot showing Juliana looking at some of the wood crafting.

Luckily there's still one shop that is open. Not to let this opportunity go, the crew quickly made a decision to shoot in the shop.

I took a behind the scene blooper video in the Kumbasari Art Market shoot. You surely won't see this on Astro Ria lol.

It's a wrap for the first day of shoot. We then parted our way. The next day will be a more exciting shoot because Juliana will be doing surfing, bungee jumping and diving.

The entrance to Badung-Kumbasari Market.

Day 2: After having breakfast in Legian Paradiso. I took a transport to Legian Beach where Juliana will take on surfing lesson with Rip Curl Surfing School and doing bungee jump in AJ Hackett, Denpasar, Bali.

The sky was dark when I arrived at AJ Hackett where the bungee jumping platform is located.

Juliana was already up at the platform preparing for her jump. She took quite some time to get her courage to jump down from the platform but alas she was able to made it.

Regular Jump

AJ Hackett's staff helping Juliana out from the bungee rope.

Juliana talking about her feeling after the first jump.

There's a variety of bungee jumps and prices.

After getting a taste of regular jump (USD $99), Juliana have not had enough, so she continue with a Full Body Harness Jump (USD $130). The different is one will have more control over the body in the latter, like flipping while jumping.

Going up again for the Full Body Harness Jump.

Full Body Harness Jump

It's raining at that time but that doesn't deters Juliana from doing the bungee jump, which is part of her promised to her friend that passed away due to cancer. To get more of her story, be sure to tune in to Astro Ria every Wednesday 10 P.M. from 5th May 2010 onwards. The Bali episode will be the 3rd episode, which means it will be aired on 19th May 2010.

Juliana got her Certificate of Borderline Insanity after completing her jumps.

I didn't see Kelvin there on the bungee jump, which later I found out that he's back in the hotel room editing the video that they shot on day 1 the whole day. Talk about efficiency.

I didn't follow the crew to the diving site (USS Liberty ship wreck site) because it's quite far away and I have limited budget. Juliana will also be playing with the dolphin on the 3rd day. So if you want more on that you'll have to watch Saya Nak Cuti on Astro Ria.

On the last day (5th day) in Bali, I met the crew in Ngu Rai International Airport. We checked-in our luggage.

While waiting for boarding. It's time to do a closure "interview" on Juliana's thought about the whole Bali trip.

The Bali trip was great for me and I was able to see behind the scene how the Astro crew work. Remember to watch Saya Nak Cuti on Astro Ria because you'll be able to win yourself two air tickets to the same destination on the episode you watched from's Tonton dan Menang contest. So, if you want to go to Bali, then be sure to catch Episode 3 of Saya Nak Cuti on 19th May 2010 10 P.M. on Astro Ria.

About the contest:

"Saya Nak Cuti" Tonton dan Menang/Watch & Win

Tempoh Peraduan/Contest Period

29 April 2010 -18 June 2010

Hadiah Untuk Dimenangi/Prizes to be won

2 tiket penerbangan MAS ke destinasi percutian minggu ini.
2 MAS flight tickets to the weekly destination

Pemenang akan menerima 2 tiket penerbangan Malaysia Airlines ke destinasi percutian episod yang ditayangkan.
The winner will get 2 Malaysia Airlines air tickets to the holiday destination of the episode that was aired. (Which mean if you are watching the episode of Bali and you won then you'll be going to Bali)

Syarat-syarat/Terms & Conditions

1. Daftar sebagai ahli di as a member in
2. Jawab soalan mingguan dan lengkapkan slogan yang diberikan (soalan akan disiarkan pada setiap hari Khamis)/Answer the weekly question and complete the slogan (question will be given every Thursday)
3. Jawapan boleh didapati dari rancangan Saya Nak Cuti yang di siarkan di Astro Ria (setiap hari Rabu jam 10 malam)/Answer can be obtain from watching Saya Nak Cuti that will be aired on Astro Ria (every Wednesday at 10 P.M.)
4. Anda perlu menghantar jawapan dalam masa 3 hari selepas episod disiarkan di Astro Ria./ You need to send in your answer within 3 days after the episode has been aired on Astro Ria.
5. Tarikh tutup penyertaan ialah pada setiap hari Jumaat jam 11.59 malam./Closing date of the weekly contest is on every Friday 11.59 P.M.
6. Pemenang mingguan akan diumumkan 2 minggu selepas pertandingan ditutup. Weekly winner will be announced 2 weeks after the contest closed.


wen pink said...

wah... hope u win more :) good luck!

Wan Kamilla said...

Intresting :)

SonnyKazu said...

nice man!!! Can I join? :P

Simon Seow said...

Wen Pin: I don't have Astro T_T

Milla: yeah, go watch and win

Wooi Kit: of course you can join

jueniza said...

HI Simon

Good job on the promo!!! And awesome images as always...I cant get enough reading your blog's like I'm stalking you..twitter, youtube and blogspot ;-P I'm actually nervous about my show that will be aired soon. According to MAS, the competition received 3000++ entries and the most popular place that people asked for was Bali. NOw they are having the tonton dan menang competition the crew predicted that my show will be one of the most watched one as A LOT of people would appreciate the free tickets to Bali if they win.With so many pair of eyes glued to my show I'm flattered and nervous at the same time!!! Oh tidak! still my heart!! ;-p

Simon Seow said...

Juliana: Thank you for the word of encouragement. You are welcome to stalk me anytime and anywhere lol. Don't worry, you did well hosting the Bali episode, you are energetic and fun, so no problem. All the best.

seminyak bali said...

Goodluck to you guys!