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Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Assemble Your Own Bearigamy

Remember that I played the Celcom Blue Challege online game and I won to get the exclusive download from Celcome Blue Arena? It's actually a PDF file that enabled you to print out the cuttings of the Blue Bear that you can fold into a Bearigamy. You can even write your own name on the back of the Blue Bear before you print it out.

Too bad I don't have a colour printer available at that time, so I printed my Blue Bear out in black and white on A4 paper. So, it's kind of hard to fold and make the Bearigamy to come out 3D like. I am thinking of pasting the print outs on a manila card then cut it out and fold it. Then maybe using a blue crayon to colour it blue lol.

Before I get my hands into the art project, here's the instruction on how you fold your Bearigamy so that you can be prepare before you play the Blue Challenge game and print yourself of of the Bearigamy print outs. It's quite cute go get yourself one now that has your favourite team on it. Now where's my Bearmany?