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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

World Cup 2010 Is Coming Soon And I Support...

Bearmany!!! Okay. The South Africa World Cup is about a month away but time pass very fast. With EPL ending soon, focus will be on the World Cup. So let's hope all the players are well rested from their league playoffs and put on a good show during the World Cup 2010.

Now before the real battle begins, why not we do some warm up first. We can start off by going to the Celcom Blue Arena where we can play some online game like Blue Challenge: Bearlance the Ball game. I have quite a hard time balancing the football on the Blue Bear's head.

All you have to do is move your mouse so that the football won't roll off from the Blue Bear's head. You'll win if you manage to keep the ball on it's head for 30 seconds or more. I managed to do it on the third try. Oh, to my surprise, I get a reward from my effort.

Some exclusive download from Celcom is the reward. You'll be asked to choose your favourite team. There are four teams to choose from, England, Brazil, Italy and Portugal. Seems like my favourite team is not there. So I simply choose the first choice, which is England.

After I chosen the favourite team. I will be able to download a Bearigamy PDF file which I needed to print out straight away because it can't be saved. I can write my name on the back of the Blue Bear before I print it out. Now I can go home and fold my Bearigamy lol.


Kelvin said...

haha, i thought u are scolding some country when i saw the title XD

Simon Seow said...

Kelvin: lol wtf.