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Monday, May 24, 2010

Video Blog of my Bali Trip - Saya Nak Cuti!

Okay. This is a video blog post that I will make for my trip to Bali last month.

Arrived at Denpasar and I took a cab to my hotel Legian Paradiso. (I totally forgot that MAS has arranged a shuttle to the hotel for me FML!)

I visited the Badung Market and Kumbasari Art Market. Street food is of course one of the thing you must try if you are in a street market like this one. Here is a video of the sate ayam packing my order.

On the next day, I took a transport from Jalan Legian to Legian Beach to meet up with the Saya Nak Cuti crew doing shooting there. It cost me RP 50,000 for a distance of about 5KM. -_-

Arrived at Legian Beach but there's still like about 500m away from the bungee jump site. So, I walked on the beach and try to feel the sands. It's been a long time I haven't been to a beach.

Here, watch Juliana doing the full body harness jump. More behind the scenes here.

On the third day, I booked a transport to Ubud, Bali. My primary objective is of course to eat Ibu Oka Babi Guling. LOL.

On the way there, I passed through some beautiful scenary like the one below.

The driver brought me to the branch of Ibu Oka and not the main branch. He told me that I'll have a hard time finding a place to sit in the HQ. Later I found out he was right.

After having a yummy lunch of Ibu Oka Babi Guling rice, I was drove to the Sacred Monkey Forest. The entrance fee is RP 20,000.

I saw this monkey that thought the stone is a coconut or something and try to crack it open.

I saw another monkey that really does crack open a coconut. LOL.

I then went to middle of Ubud and visited Istana Ubud.

Ibu Oka HQ is just opposite Istana Ubud. Look at the crowd.

Business here is so good that a new whole roasted pig have to be cut.

On the 4th day in Bali, I decided it's enough of taking transport, so I walk from the end of Jalan Legian (the hotel I stayed in, Legian Paradiso is near one end) to the other end (estimated about 3KM). There's a lot of things to see in between the walk, one will miss it if taking a cab.

Halfway in Legian Street, I reached the memorial monument on the 1st Bali bombing. Kind of sad looking at all those names and photos on the monument.

Did a bit of shopping on the way.

At the end of Jalan Legian, there will be a T-junction. Turn left to Denpasar town and turn right into Jalan Pantai.

At the end of Jalan Pantai, you'll find Kuta Beach.

Don't forget to drop by Hard Rock Hotel, Bali in Kuta Beach if you likes to collect Hard Rock Cafe merchandises.

Kuta Beach is also full of surfers as in Legian Beach. Actually, both beaches are next to each other. :p

I then spent the rest of my day doing a 5 hours spa in Spa Bali in Jalan Legian, which is only two shops away from Legian Paradiso. As the are havign 50% promotion at that time, so it only cost my about RP 550,000.

It's really worth it.

The 5th and the final day in Bali, the shuttle brought me to the airport and 10 am. It's time to say goodbye to Bali. I met up with Juliana and the rest of the Saya Nak Cuti crew and we checked in together.

Our flight back to KLIA. Malaysian Hospitality 714.

It was a very nice trip to Bali. Thank you MAS for the flight and accommodation. Those that didn't know why can read it here.


Hayley said...

The roasted pig... =_="
cant see your videos here, gotto watch at home liao...

eiling lim said...

wah such an enjoyable trip. manicure included!!

bali accommodation said...

Wow.. I know you have a great vacation there at bali. Thanks for sharing some pics and videos here. I really like some of theme.

Simon Seow said...

hayley: yes, what about the roasted pig? have you watch the videos yet ? ;)

eiling: yeah, it's not my first time doing manicure though lol

Bali: Glad that you like it.

Bali Private Villas said...

Wow, babi guling ibu Oka,... I'm sure that you will come to Bali again :)

Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia said...

At some time have the time and money for just a jaunt to Bali.