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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Modeling Photography with Amber Chia

Note: First of all, this is not a paid post or an Advertorial. I don't get any monetary or non-monetary benefit for posting this. I just want to share this news with serious photographer out there.

I just got an email from Nikonian Academy that they will be running a course on Modeling Photography on the 24th of May 2008, which is a Saturday. Who knows better about Modeling Photography than a model. So, this time they are able to invite a model to be a not only a model but also a trainer as well. The model is non other than Amber Chia, whom has a lot of experience in the modeling industry.

She knows what angle is right for her. Amber Chia will not only be there to model but also to train students that took this blockbuster course about things like how to pose a model, working with models on a set, how to motivate your model to get super results and lots more.

Another trainer is Andrew Boey, Nikonian Academy's Director will teach on the subject of how to get started in modeling photography, dos and don'ts of Modeling Photography, how to take good potrait pictures and lots more technique on Modeling Photography.

For those of you that like to improve your photography skill can click here to find out more about this course. You'll get certificate from Nikon Malaysia too.


suetmei said...

Woo. Im a fan of Amber. But I gotta say this ............


Jack Koh said...

Is that guy stand on a phonebook???? I dont think his hight is more than 160cm......

Simon Seow said...

suetmei: thanks for dropping by. Yah, I like Amber too. Maybe they zoom too near gua.

jack: I'm not sure, maybe Amber Chia is not very tall.