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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blog of the Week:

It's been a long time I've never write any Blog of the Week post. Been busy to Singapore, then got so much food post to write and lately about the Nuffnang Pajama Party. So, now that most of it has settle down, eventhough I still haven't really finish my post about my Singapore trip. Will leave it for later post.

Today I present you Blog of the Week 3, that is Fire Angel in short FA. How I come to know FA's blog, well if you follow my Blog of the Week 2, you 'll know that from KY's blog roll there is a link to FA's blog. After, I have read all the posts in, I've got nothing more to read, so I checked out the I Stalk These list there. I mouse over on the link FA and see the URL is I think to myself, hm.. interesting name. So, I click on it and see a hot babe.

Hot babe saying Hi!

Of course, I am more interested to know more of what this pretty hot angel writes. After reading a few post, I know now why it's Fire Angel not Sweet Angel or Pretty Angel. If you want to learn Advanced Ranting 102, here's the blog to start. No one can use the word fuck or cock as effective as FA. She can totally create new words using the word fuck or cock alone. So, it's pretty interesting to read about her ranting post. She especially like to post rant on Monday.

From her blog too, you'll know she likes to drink alcoholic drinks. She even put the title for her ads as $$ For the Booze but due to her laziness of fixing the bugs in her own blog, the ads never load properly and after you submit a comment you'll be taken to a error page. Anyone nice enough to fix it for her? You might be able to get a date with her.

Apart from the FA ways of ranting that I like about her posts are the sarcastical way she wrote about current affairs that's on the newspaper. I only got to know about the Dr. Chua Soi Lek's sex video after reading her post about it (I was in Singapore so didn't get to read any news from Malaysia). The lastest current affair is about the indelible ink.

Sometimes she can be very sentimental and blog about relationship, friendship, The Ship, companionship and etc. After that you'll be able to get many advises from her readers about the topic. Sometimes she'll post personal question like where to get a braces done? Ask about her car. Also she sometime likes to do some experiment.

As much as I like to visit her blog (she's full or surprises), I have a fear to do so too. Why? Well, I won't want to see my car registration number as the title of her post for one thing. If my car registration number is the title of the post, it can only mean one thing, I'm the cockfag that cut into her line without signaling and made her have to do an emergency brake. There's two cockfags already, here and here. It's funny the way she blasted those bad drivers. By the way, what's a cockfag? I know it's not a compliment.

Enough said, she's very famous already so I don't have to write too much about her. Lot's of people know her already. Here's another picture of her, so hot, one picture where got enough.

So, let me present to you Simon Says Week 3 Y08 Blog of the Week; ***drum roll****


clover said...

hey dude..thanks for the comments that u drop in almost-every-blog-of mine >,<"..haha..yea,im working part time while waiting to get in Uni..

Aronil said...

no thats one way to say hello lol:P

Aronil said...

I just realised something how come in your link list which is lust and envy... you have jason goh under lust? Do you have some secrets in the closest simon :P

Simon Seow said...

clover: you're welcome, i'm just too free at work.

aronil: huh? what way to say hello?
Oh, i must be very sleepy when I put up his link, I corrected it now, thanks for pointing it out. I'm not broke back la. Pam so beautiful, can die one ,wtf.

Monica said...

sounds interesting, will go read her blog soon..

ling239 said...

tot u have totally forgotten abt this.... :p

ioNe said...

whoa! You're so quick in updates! Even have e pajama party pics up already!
I feel like a blogturtle :(

Simon Seow said...

monica: yupe, she's an interesting blogger.

ling: nolah, just a bit busy with other posts so delay lor. I started this for you so won't stop half way geh.

ione: yeah, I'm pratically too free in office :p

Aronil said...

haaha... and oh typo there. Meant to say "Now that is one way to say hello" in reference to her middle finger