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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Black Pig Katsu @ TomTon, The Central

As, I've said in a previous post before I ate the wonderful bak chor mee in Hong Lim. I have had lunch with my sister. We want to eat katsu (deep fried pork with bread crumbs) again. Why both of us always eat katsu? -_-

This time around we went to The Central the new mall in between China Town and Clarke Quay. You can take the MTR to the Clarke Quay station and walk here. As for my and sis, we took cab. She pay mah. On the way, we passed by Singapore Flyer, the Singapore version of London Eye. Now seems like every country also got one of this ferry wheel. Singapore Flyer is bigger than The Eye of Malaysia.

Singapore Flyer

The cab took us straight to the entrance of The Central, which is a tall building, unlike other mall which is wide. There are many restaurants in The Central. I think there can easily be more than 8 Japanese retaurant here. Some specialize in ramen, some in sushi, and of course TomTon which specialize in katsu.

The name TomTon means Black Pig was named by the owner's best friend Choi Lan (蔡瀾), a famous food critic from Hong Kong. He named it Black Pig because TomTon is famous for the using Black Pig pork to dish out their katsu. Black Pig is actually a breed of pig that originate from England which is call Berkshire Pig they have black fur thus the name Black Pig.

In TomTon they server normal grade Black Pig and premium grade Black Pig. Of course, sis and I went for premium grade, which is about $6-$7 more expensive that the normal grade. Sis, whom is not that adventurous chose the normal katsu set. I had the Japanese Curry Katsu. We also order homemade Ankimo (monk fish liver) as appertizer. Here, you also have to grind your own sesame.

Ankimo, I took a piece before I took this picture

My sister's Katsu Rice Set

The Japanese Curry Katsu rice that I have is superb. The Japanese Curry is what it should be, a bit of sweetness and aromatic with the spices for curry mixture. Mixing the premium pork with the curry taste excellent. The meat and fat is about a ratio of 90% meat and 10% fat. Bite into the katsu and it just so tender and juicy, chewing is effortless. My sister kept on stealling my curry sauce to eat with her katsu. So, I think this curry sauce was made right. Word alone can't describe the katsu, let me show you.

My Japanese Curry Katsu Rice

The proportion of 10% meat, 10% fat, and 80% meat

Rating: 4/5

Looking out the window from TomTon, you'll be able to see Clarke Quay.

The damage

The bill was settled by my sis, of course. Thanks sis. Love ya.


Central Tomton
6 Eu tong Seng Street
#03-88/99 Singapore 059817
Tel: 65-6327-7887

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David Cheong said...

Eh eh, clarke quay damn kao nice at night wei! Did you sit the boat? go sit at night, really nice =D

And, why lah envy me :(

I got nothing to envy also. I envy you got lah, get to go sg and enjoy..

Simon Seow said...

No time to sit and enjoy the boat ride. Got time went to look for good food already.

Kakaka. Envy = male bloggers

Anonymous said...

I love curry rice!You and your sis really love pork

HairyBerry said...

one of the restaurants that i have not tried at the central. will give it a try. been to marutama? ppl said it's for me lar :)

Chai Latte said...

wow. looks good. I want katsu curry now. (drools...)

Anonymous said...

Wah.. Lucky I just had my lunch. If not.. Sure feel hungry de..

I'm supposed to go Sg next week.. Might delay :(

fatboybakes said...

first time visitor here. noticed you have suddenly appeared on the food blog circuit.
surprised that i'm also linked. ;)

Anonymous said...

Shucks... you just made me craving for katsu! >_<

Jackson said...

Nice meeting you today! The Katsu curry looks really delicious!

Sugar Bean said...

The katsu curry rice looks so delicious! Craving for it now. Would really want to try it out!

ling239 said...

i am a little bit lost on this:

"The proportion of 10% meat, 10% fat, and 80% meat"

means wat? :p
90% meat ?

Simon Seow said...

evolna: yeah, the curry rice is yummy. No la, it just happen that my sis tag alone when I'm going for pork.

nic: you should go try, not bad one. Nope, haven't heard of marutama, I only know like 0.1% of Sg food scene.

princess: go have it, you won't regret it. kekeke.

Rose: while waiting, eat good Malaysian food first lor.

fbb: oh the infamous FBB, I'm honoured. I'm just a ciku in food blog. Want to try your famous Durian Cheese Cake one day.

jason: bus to Singapore is just less than 5 hours ride.

jackson: nice meeting you too, too bad we don't have time to chat longer, next time we go food tasting la, then can chat longer.

wenchign & esiong: yeah, you can ask Nic to bring you there.

ling: yupe 90% meat and 10% fat. So, it's not too fatty.