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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

How I standout in life? Well, I practically eat anything and dare to try food that normally people will shun away from. One of my favourite Malay delicacy is the goreng paru (cow lungs), which most people don't even know what paru is until I tell them.

Paru Goreng

I also like to eat gyutan yaki, Japanese grilled cow tongue. It can be eaten raw too. I once tried sup lidah, (cow tongue soup) in a nasi kandar restaurant in Bangsar. Not my favourite but still I dare to try while most will put the thought away.

Gyutan. Picture source here.

On a recent trip to Penang, I found a new favourite of this not many-people-dare-to-try-food, Sup Torpedo. For those that is not very familiar, sup torpedo actually is bull's private part soup. Yeah. From the comment I received, many will say gross, yuck and etc. This is just another food for me.

It's actually very long.

My serving.

One should try this kind of exotic delicacy at least once in a lifetime. If you really don't dare to try. I recommend that you down a few bottles of Tiger Beer first to make you bold lol. That's what I did before that, drank a few bottles of Tiger Beer. Not that I need it but it make that sup torpedo taste much nicer.

Downing my Tiger Beer.

Enjoying my sup torpedo.

Am I outstanding or what. I am outstanding among friends for daring to try food that normally normal people will not even think of seeing. If you think you have some very special talent or behaviour that really standout, why not join me at Standout with Tiger and Nuffnang party. Oh, by the way, the new Tiger Beer bottle design is real catchy. I caught my attention straight away when I saw it in the newspaper. See ya there, all you Standout peeps.


Serge Norguard said...

and there you have it, Simon Seow sucking on a cock!

bryanlyt said...

BJ BJ BJ~~!!!! @.@

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

One word for you: Hero! :D

Binn said...

omg i can only agree with bryan lyt...

BJ BJ BJ!!!! or seeing the size of the cow's dick...



ai wei said...

gosh! the pic of u look scary


sirei said...

fuahh... looks quite nice actually XD

Simon Seow said...

Serge: Don't be jealous.

Bryan and Binn: That's why you guys don't know how to enjoy good food because always think dirty lol.

Miao: thanks ;)

ai wei: why scary???

sirei: yeah, not too bad one

J2Kfm said...

U R mad. hahaha .... there's no need to be slurping (suckin?) on the you-know-what, gloriously.

i can take the paru, i can take the tongue.

but i'll definitely be needing more than a pint of Tiger to down that ... erm, torpedo.