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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Come See Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale at The Curve

I just watched episode 21 and Ming's eliminated T_T. Ah well, at least now she can approved me as her friend in Facebook. Added her in FB since a few weeks ago. Just only found out from her MSN that her English name is Emily. I wondered why she never used that name in Malaysian Dreamgirl 2.

I'll miss your cute hand drawn picture shoes, Ming. So, my RM 5 vote didn't help much eh. Now, I am wondering whether the RM 75k voting package myth for Juanita is true or not. lol.

I bet you'll be missing Pinky and Dawn. Don't worry because I know you'll be joining them again for one last show in the Malaysian Dreamgirl Grand Finale in the Curve.

If you want to see the 12 finalist performing on stage and catwalk. Come to the Curve on 15th of May (Friday) 7 p.m. onwards to see it yourself. Better yet, get exclusive invites and you'll get to be near the stage and see it closer. There's a few way you can get invited. The methods are listed here. I am a blogger so, if I need to, I'll choose Blog 2 Finale. Oops, due date is 11th of May for the contest. 1 more day only. Fast, fast, go blog.

Now that we have the top 3, so come to see for yourself is it Juanita or Pinky or Dawn will be crowned the new Malaysian Dreamgirl. Juanita seems to have the highest chances of getting the first place. Even Ming herself told me that she think that it's most probably will be Juanita to win.

But not to forget, Pinky too is always at the top and rarely at the bottom 3 except for the time she told her boyfriend Ah Fai that she wants to go home. After she found out that she's really wanted to continued in MDG, she's never been at the bottom. Will we see a late surprises that day?

Or a underdog like Dawn will strike in the finale and come out the top? Why not? Dawn as the quality of a model. She has a waif figure that is very suitable for catwalk and clothes.

If you don't want to be the last to know the results. Then make your way to the Curve on 15th May from 7 p.m. onwards. Even if you can't get the passes, you can still go because it's open for the public just that you won't be next to the stage. Sorry, I've already given the passes that I have so you have to try to win it.


CUMI & CIKI said...

wah.. how u sleep at nite ar.. constantly surrounded by such gorgeous lookin women:P

Simon Seow said...

Well, for one, is that they're not staying with me lol.