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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calling All Dancers

Are you ready to challenge yourself to be in a pole dancing contest and become one of the pole star? Here's your chance now. Okay, let me rewind back. *tape rewinding sound*

I was invited by Lola of Viva Vertical to a media meet in the yogitree, The Gardens. It is a cafe that serve food made the healthy way. Meaning no MSG and whatsoever.

We were served some finger food while we're waiting for the briefing to start. The food here is not very salty but yet still taste good. Next time I'll come back to have a try at their menu.

Enough about food. According to Lola, Viva Vertical will be organizing a pole dancing competition with Time Out KL. It will be call Pole Stars Malaysian Talent Showcase. Those interested to join can choose one of the two category of pole dancing offered, Viva FitPole and Viva ExoticPole. Watch the video and learn the moves shown. Then make your own video, upload to YouTube. Then email to with your

* FULL NAME (as in IC)
* IC NUMBER (must be Malaysian, over 18 years old)
* YOUTUBE URL LINK of Chosen choreography VIDEO

Good news is that the deadline is extended to 9th of May 2009.

There will also be a open audition ...

After the briefing, Rudy and I volunteered ourselves to be in the pole dancing workshop.

Rudy has sweaty palms.

I have to salute Rudy because he was able to to a pole dancing move call the flag while I can't even lift my legs up.

Rudy doing the Flag

All I can do is this ...

Rudy told me that he's been going to the gym nowadays. I guess I have to work my muscle out too.

Lola told us that Viva Vertical will be conducting classes for kids too. So, don't think pole dancing is erotic or something. It is actually a sport and a lot of muscle and training is needed to be good at it.

Young Nicholas

Some can even sleep on the pole.

I wonder how the world looks like, upside down?

Want to be able to do moves like that? Enroll yourself to Viva Vertical. Already very good at it? Then take up the challenge and join Pole Stars Malaysian Talent Showcase.

We awaits your challenge.

No, not us. Them...


Due to immense response and requests we have EXTENDED CLOSING DATE for email youtube video entries: SUNDAY 8th MAY 2009

**please note that there will NO longer be Live Auditions with Time Out

Get recording and email: with your entries. Good Luck!

Successful Grand Final contestants will be announced on Monday 9th May 2009.>>

Kindly refer back to the original copy of press pack you had received upon registrating at the launch, with just a minor adjustment on extension of closing date for video submissions please

For more information on the contestants video submissions, judging process and rules and regulations, you may visit