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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Maxis10 Nokia E7 Review: Play

In my previous review post of Nokia E7, I wrote about how it helps in office work. Well, Nokia E7 is not all only about work, there's also play involve. Maybe many of you didn't know that apps and games can be downloaded from Ovi Store, the apps store of Nokia phone.

More of you might not know that some of the popular games previously found only on Apple App Store are now available in Ovi Store. Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja now can be found on Ovi Store. I've downloaded three free version of Angry Birds and only left 1 level I haven't beat in Angry Birds Lite.

There are also a lot of High Definition (HD) games available such as Worms HD and Assassin Creed HD. This is because Nokia E7 has a 720p HD screen that can churn out very clear HD quality graphic. I compared Angry Birds on Nokia E7 and my friend's iPhone 3Gs and found that it looks much nicer on E7.

Downloading Angry Birds with Maxis 3G connection doesn't take too much time. I played it while waiting for Jay Chou's concert to start last Friday lol.

I downloaded all free version of Angry Birds that I can find on Ovi Store. Angry Birds Free, Angry Birds Lite and Angry Birds Seasons.

With a 4" HD screen, Angry Birds on Nokia E7 is much nicer than other mobile phones. Of course it only loses to tablet and some 5" screen mobile phone.

Too bad the free version of Fruit Ninja only has 1 level. Kind of bored already. So tempting to part away with RM4 to buy the full version from Ovi Store.

Even my niece Fay thought that I am using iPhone when I show her that Nokia E7 can play Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Previously she only can play these two games on her grandfather's iPhone 3Gs.

Here's a video of her playing Fruit Ninja on Nokia E7 ;)

In short, those of you who thinks that Nokia E7 is only about work and no fun? Think again. There are load of games that are free and money can buy. Some of it in HD version too.

Next post, I'll rest a bit and let my guest reviewer Jackie tell you what he's think of Nokia E7. Previously he's a long time user of Nokia Symbian phones but has since changed to BlackBerry and a strong supporter of Android phones. So, be very sure of his bias review lol.

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Jackie Loi said...

lol lol lol i no bias ahhh..just stating d fact hahaha..until u try ios or android then u'll know XD

Simon Seow said...

Jackie: I love the HD video play back and the Ovi Maps GPS navigation.