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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Maxis10 Nokia E7 Review: Social Networking

After a few posts of work, play, a guest review, and a 9-to-5 video. It's time for me to review something that I used most often on Nokia E7. Social Networking tools. The tools that I used most are Twitter and Facebook. On addition to those two, I also occasionally Plurk and Weibo. With Nokia E7, I can download Whatsapp free from Ovi Store.

Yes. You read it right. Whatsapp is free from Ovi Store and no jail breaking or whatsoever needed. So, now I'll be able to chat with my cousin sister Elaine from Hong Kong using Whatsapp. She use her iPhone 4 and I use Nokia E7.

The Twitter and Facebook app from Ovi Store is a bit too simple for my liking but I do like the fact that it's very Twitpic friendly. I can upload a photo and publish it on Facebook and Twitter on the same time by choosing All Activity which will linked up both Facebook and Twitter status updates. For normal, Twitter checking and Facebooking, I still prefer Snaptu.

Also Weibo has their own app for Symbian ^ 3 phones. I really like their app design. Also, when you took a picture with Nokia E7, the Weibo app will asked whether to publish it on Weibo. This feature is not available when I installed it on my LG GW525.

In short, on Nokia E7, not only you can work and play but stay connected with many Social Networking sites by using hundreds of apps available out there. Gravity is one that is quite good for Twitter and Facebook but have to pay one lah.

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Nokia review said...

Your reviews are really great. Seems a good phone, its features are also fascinating. Nokia phone have always been my favorite brand. So I would love to go for this but I want to ask as these E series phones are business phone. Is it good for normal use???

yannwenn said...

Does fb and twitter support push notification on E7?

Simon Seow said...

Nokia review: Yes. If u read my play review, E7 also can play games. Normal usage is good.

yannwenn: I think that will depends on what apps you are using. The Ovi App for FB and Twitter will constantly update feeds