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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Maxis10 Nokia E7 Review: Work

The Nokia E7 is a smart phone design to help professionals to be able to continue their work even if they are on the go. Best suited for those that are always traveling from one place to another.

Nokia E7 provides real-time business email with Mail for Exchange – no extra fees and no additional hardware required. You can also setup your personal email account with push mail feature from your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or whatever email service you're currently using. I setup my Gmail and once activated my mail is being push so fast that I worried that it will takes up 3.9GB of space. That's how much the space my Gmail is occupying. Haha, lucky there's option to set the limit of mails that is stored in the phone mail account.

With Maxis 3G connection the mail was very fast sychcronized with my Gmail account. Sometimes I am quite worry that it will used up my Hotlink 100MB mobile Internet plan that I've activated. RM18 only mah, I'm very kiamsap one :p

In the Office folder there are some preloaded apps that will help those that has to work while traveling. To be a mobile office. One had to have the ability to read and write work related documents on the go. In Nokia E7, come loaded with Quickoffice. You can view and edit Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It says to support up to Office 2007 but I tested with Word and Excel files save with Office 2010 yet it still can be opened. I think as long as the extension is .doc, .docx, .xls or .xlsx then there will be no problem.

The viewable files that can be accessed by Quickoffice are shown.

Viewing and editing Excel spreadsheet using Quickoffice. The 4" screen really make view easier.

Below is a short video on the demo of viewing and editing Word document and Excel spreadsheet using Quickoffice.

For many corporate executive, in their mobile devices usually stores confidential and sensitive materials, such as bidding price, unannounced product pricing and etc. If the mobile device containing this confidential and sensitive data was stolen or lost, then the information might leak out and do a great impact on the company's secret.

Having thought of this, Nokia preloaded F-Secure Anti-Theft service in Nokia E7 smart phone. By activating the service, it can help protect important data with remote device management options such as device lock and device wipe. Locate your phone if it is stolen – see where it is on a map with the theft control feature. Keep important work files safe.

In Nokia E7, you also can connect to your company intranet quickly and securely with built-in Nokia Mobile VPN. You can tend securely access the application and files stored in your company's Intranet.

Oh. There's also Adobe Reader. I found it very useful for me to store my flight itinerary from Air Asia. This can help to save paper and help the environment a bit because now I don't have to print out the itinerary. I can also use Nokia E7 to do mobile check-in, no hassle of queuing up. To bad I still have to print out the boarding pass from the kiosk in LCCT. Air Asia should learn from MAS to provide e-boarding pass.

Viewing my flight itinerary that is in PDF format.

The above are just some of the extensive features Nokia E7 has for people that work on the go. I myself only able to utilize maybe 20% of the features because my work has to be done sitting in front of a desktop in the office for 12 hours a day. I don't have to meet clients and have to reply important emails while I am outside of office.

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