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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maxis10 Nokia E7 Review: Look, Feel and Touch

For the first post of my Maxis10 Nokia E7 Review, I'll start with the Look, Feel and Touch of the smart phone. As my previous post I've already written some of the basic specs of Nokia E7.

4" Nokia ClearBlack 16:9 nHD (640 x 360 pixels) AMOLED screen:

I used my current LG GW525 that has a 2.8" full touch screen as a comparison of how big the 4" full touch screen is. The touch screen on Nokia E7 is way more sensitive than my current LG phone. I have to take a bit of effort to scroll and slide in my LG but it is a breeze on Nokia E7.

It has 8megapixel camera to take very nice picture with. I'll will write a review post later just on it's camera and video.

For those that don't like to read long words, I made a video about this post. I find that reviewing a smart phone is better with video plus words and pictures.

Apart from full touch screen, Nokia E7 is also a slide phone with a Full QWERTY keyboard. If you know how to write Chinese, it also has full screen handwriting recognition.

It has a 16GB internal memory, which I think is quite enough for me. I copied some of the HD videos that I have into it so that I can watch HD video on the go with it and still there's enough space for more apps. I think that is why there's no need for a MicroSD expansion slot.

To take out the battery I think it will be very difficult if you are not technical enough. I suspect that the battery is meant to stay in there for layman like me because the SIM card is slot into a holder at the upper side and then inserted into the phone. By the way, it support a normal SIM card and not a micro SIM card.

As for network connectivity, it supports GPRS/EDGE class B, HSDPA and WiFi. One think I like about Nokia E7 is that you can plug it into a HD TV with a HDMI cable for HD 720p video playback from the video that you've shot with the 16:9 HD 720p video camera.

Because of the size, Nokia E7 is little be heavier than the smaller size smart phone that I've tried holding before. My hand gets tire if holding it for too long with one hand. Not a problem is I held it with two. Also because my hands are not small, the big screen and full QWERTY keypad is just nice for my big fingers.

So, this is the Look, Feel and Touch of Nokia E7 from my point of view. Click here for the list of reviews in other aspect of Maxis10 Nokia E7 Review.


SiMon Har said...

i like the E7 very much but the price is staggering. I bought a N8 which is quite similar to E7 in terms of spec.

N8's battery is also difficult to be removed liket he E7. Once hang, u cannot do anything other than hard reset :(

Simon Seow said...

Simon: Hahaha. Well, I think RPP of RM1995 is quite okay for a latest smart phone like this. Some other cost about RM2300++ If you get it with Maxis plan the 2 yrs plan you can get E7 at only RM 1499.

Cerita Cinta Melayu Sejati said...

nice smart phone, I prefer nokia.

Nokia e7 said...

The Nokia E7 is beautifully designed, solidly build phone. I loved its stylish sliding mechanism and its display sits. The E7 uses the brand new symbian 3 OS which has struggled to make the transition from the other Nokia phones to its new role running touchscreen mobiles, but the Symbian still has some things to do if it wants to catch up with the competition. The apps main menu is presented in simple grid format but a few apps are very slow and short on features. All I can say is that it is not completely fulfilling the high expectations.

Simon Seow said...

NokiaE7: yeah, I agreed, I hate that I cannot group the apps in the home screen, making it quite messy. Hope the Anna update will give a bit of improvement, which I expect will not have much.