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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Teaser: Blog of the Week 3

It's been quite some time that I didn't post a blog of the week. Here's a teaser of the blog of the week 3 that I'll be posting on 24th of March 2008. Guess who is she? No prize for guessing though. ;)

Optimus Prime?

P.S. Post on Nuffnang Pajama Party coming up tomorrow.


The Author said...

o.o i dono who is she...
after looking at the posts, the only thing that pop into my mind is....
woooooot, optimus prime and mr.potato is doing ads for kilkenny????

btw, ther was liquor later at the night??
o.o me missed another fun...

sheeeesh, now i know u stay nearby me gonna pester you a lot ad xP

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the pj party pics :)

Anonymous said...

I tau! :D The Kilkenny gives her away!

Anonymous said...

Itu FA kah? Simply guess saja.. her eyes looks like that.. I think. Maybe I'm just seeing things due to the lack of sleep.


p.s. I also want an Optimus Prime helmet.. and potato. Hehe..

Simon Seow said...

jan: you'll see. They do have free beer but it's not Killeney. They give Heineken. Killeney have to pay one.

Rose: Very soon.

Sam: ;)

usws: You mesti dia punya peminat lah ni. Optimus Prime helmet and potato you have to ask eyeris.

curryegg said...

Lol... you remember my name, kelly tan? Haha... thank you oh... really glad to meet you in the party.. finally meet SImon seow in real life.. ;)