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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Prosperity is Back

Just came back from my lunch (supper). Ok, it's my supper but I'm working night shift tonight so dinner will be my breakfast, supper will be my lunch and breakfast will be my dinner. Went to McD's in Damanlela to have Beef Prosperity Set. Saw the ads on newspaper yesterday and were craving for those black pepper gravy with onion on beef patty.

I ordered a large set comes with the Twister Fries as usual. This year, McD's changed the drink to Jasmine tea instead of the normal soft drinks from the set. It is a good change indeed because I just read SewJin's post on how bad is soft drinks for our body like 2 hours ago. I like the Jasmine tea which is lightly sweet. I don't like the normal soft drink that's why I always order Coke Light in McD's but give me Jasmine tea anytime. For dessert McD's is introducing the Red Bean sundae and Red Bean McFlurry. I didn't have dessert, not in 1 a.m. in the morning just too overly sweet for me. Ok, enough of the McD's, back to work.


ZB said...

wow you went back to his archives

sheryl said...

ahhh i miss that!

Simon Seow said...

Esther: What to do, sitting in front of PC for 12 hours. So, read sewjin's blog from the beginning lor.

Sheryl: Ya, the black pepper sauce and onion is yummy.