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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas' Eve Party @ KY's

Yesterday me and my buddy Justin went to the open house party organized by KY. This is the first time we go to an open house party organized by a blogger. In the party we got to know a lot of new friends. Some of them are very familiar faces to me but never met them personally. I stalked their blogs LOL.

Some of the famous blogger that were there are Suanie, FA, Cheesie, Kimberly, Skyler, Esther C (Chin) lol she don’t like to be call EstherC, Shaolin Tiger, Thai Boxing Girl, Albert, Nicholas, Alicia, and other bloggers that I can’t remember their blog URL. Sorry guys.

It was fun meeting the bloggers there. It’s like I’ve known them for so long (reading their blog) and now can meet them in person. I downed like 6 bottles of Tuborg (courtesy of Carlsberg and KY). Sorry, I don’t have a digital camera so there’ll be no photos on my post. If you wanna see some nice pics you can go to the blog of the bloggers that I’ve mentioned.

Would like to thank KY for organizing this party. Had loads of fun, especially the gift exchange sessions. Some of the bloggers are so creative in choosing their gift. Some of the gifts are a pack of adult pampers, a mobile toilet tools (from Suanie), and piece of cake (looks more like shit). Great fun! Will look forward to next years party.

So, after Christmas, it will be New Year in a week. I have plans to go to the Midzone Party in Mid Valley, if I win the tickets. If not then, I might have to stay home and play WOW. So, wish me luck. Last but not least, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.