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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Birth of Noah

No, I won't be writing a bible story here about Noah. This morning at 6.20 a.m. my sister gave birth to baby boy (my nephew). His name is Noah Lim (haven't got the Chinese name yet from my beloved sister and brother-in-law).

Weighing 3 kg, both my sis and the baby are in a healthy state. So, now my sis got a 1 year old daughter and a son, which makes a Chinese character (好) form by daughter (女) and son (子) character. Just like my sis and me, we also form good (好).

I checked his Bazi. He's a Yin Water male. There's lack of Metal in his Bazi but he is a strong Water born in a month of Winter, the strongest season for Water. There are also 5 water in his bazi. So add in a 2 Earth and 2 Wood will make his Bazi quite a balance one so that his Water will not be overly crowded until it turned into a flood. He got a wealth element in his year stem (year stem refer to his grandparents) the element is Fire. Water control Fire and he got enough Water to be able to control his wealth. It will be an indirect wealth, so it maybe inheritance from his grandparents. For those of you that not familiar with Bazi, The wealth element of one is the element that his day master element control. For example, if your day master is a Fire then your wealth element is Metal. The controlling cycle is as follow: Fire --> Metal --> Wood --> Earth --> Water --> Fire.

With a lot of Water elements in his Bazi, Water is his companion element, which will mean he will have a lot of friends lending support to him in his life. Ok that's all I can tell from his Bazi. I'm just an amateur in Bazi so don't know how to intepret the hidden element in his earth stem and the stars in his heaven stem.

So I'll like to welcome Noah to the family. Hope you'll take me for a ride on your Ark when you grew up.