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Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Need A Pen

One of my friend always say, "A man without a pen, is not a man". Don't really know what he meant. Ever since I switched to technical support from sales, I don't see myself having a pen with me wherever I go. (I'm not a man then?)

Back in the sales day, a pen is a very essential tool. Imagine, you've go the deal seal, just need to filled up the insurance application form (ya, I was a financial planner) and found out I don't have a pen with me and my prospect don't have one either. Then Mr. Prospect suggested we do it on another day. Tomorrow Mr. Prospect give me a call saying, "I've think about it after our appointment and I feel that I don't actually need the insurance, maybe next time. Thanks anyway." Ah, there's goes one deal.

Now in technical support, I only have to use the keyboard and mouse so pen is not essential. Having a pen will always come in handy, say like filling up deposit form (ya I know you'll all will say please use the cash deposit machine). Hey, paying my car loan is like RM 436 and I don't want to pay the extra RM 4 to make it RM 440 to be bank in using the cash deposit machine. Every ringgit counts, that's a plate of chicken rice for me. I don't have a saving account with the bank that I took the car loan with, so can't do online transaction.

In short, I need to buy myself a pen. Maybe a Mont Blanc, ;). Nah, too expensive. I don't want to buy a ball pen because I can lost it very easily. A Parker will be nice. I think the cheapest Parker only cost like RM 15 and it look presentable. So, anyone out there have better suggestion?


hyperX said...

Yes, a Parker will do. But bring yourself a ball pen too in case what you needed to write is alot and as a backup pen too.