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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nikonian Nose Bleeding Swimsuit Photography Class

Three weeks ago Andrew invited me to go and look see look see in one of his Nikonian Swimsuit Photography that he is conducting in Dynasty Hotel. This of course is one opportunity that I won't miss because there will be models wearing bikini that will make one's nose bleed for the students to practice.

The photography class will be conducted at the roof top swimming pool of Dynasty Hotel. Which is 29th floor.

The venue where every student will start to nose bleed practice their photography skill.

I can see the house that I used to live in when I was young from 29th floor. That is Sentul by the way.

After Sean arrived with the mini-compo and the CDs, and we're good to start the class. He compiled some very groovy music for this class.

Most students bring some pretty expensive lens that even the trainers envy lol.

Okay, okay. I'll keep my long story short. Here's the picture of the three girls in bikini. They're models from SGX Faces, a modeling agency that Nikonian Academy works with. The models also model clothes for the online boutique.

This is the teaser. No nose bled yet.

Participants working hard not to bleed from the nose to capture the best angle.

The participants were too shy, so Andrew demonstrated how to get closer to get a good shot.

Shots that I took with my puny Canon Powershot A470, click here to see some of the photos that the participants took in other classes:

The Prologue

Er...remote flash?

Is it getting hot here or is it just me?

Jeslyn looking at me very seductively.

"You really don't want to takes off your clothes, Simon?", says Jeslyn.

"Sorry, I have to go to Cineleisure to catch Quantum of Solace later", answered me.

"Oh come on, you watch James Bond anytime. It's not everyday that you can be with 3 hot girls in bikini."

"I'll do whatever pose you want, if you stay"

"Sorry but I made a promise to go", I answered very reluctantly.

"You won't stay even if I'm all wet?"

"Oops, look at the time. Catch you girls later, gotta make a move. Ciao."

So, did I regretted of taking off so early? Not really because I know that there will be another session that I can always go. LOL.

For all the photos that I took that day, click the album below or you can take some swimsuit photograph using your own DSLR just by signing up for a one day class. More details here.

Nikonian Swimsuit Photography


sabahking said...

those photo really sexy !! i love those picture !! post more post about this !!

JustJasmine said...

My nose didn't bleed. Maybe bcos I'm a female, haha

luthien said...

fuHHHH! i can see that you all had a time of your life! i hope you didn't dehydrate from too much bleeding... amongst other things...

3POINT8 said...

My heart is acting weird........
Argghh, blood coming out~~~

Tummythoz said...

Waaa quite 'action' huh. 3 semi nude models cannot persuade you to stay? Sure or not?

Cheddarina said...

Really nose bleeding..... The models are so so so sexy... Next time bring me along la

backstreetgluttons said...

We love Jaslyn , got her no or not ?

Our bleeding kanot stop just now.

Now worse kanot come down anymore

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

u r just destined to be in the company of lots of girls hor...

chick magnet..HAHAHAH

etceteramommy said...

Get Andrew to put you on his member list so you'll be invited to all his *nose bleeding* sessions...

kennhyn said...

ur hand shake is it, how come all so blur one??....haha...cheers!!!

mel^^mel said...

lucky simon, hot chic again~~~

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

lucky simon :P how many tissue u used to soak ur bleed LOL

Simon Seow said...

sabahking: if I ever have a chance again, I will

JustJasmine: unless you're lesbian la lol

winnie: kekeke, not as happening as Auntie June

Kif: Go for a med checkup

Tummy: yupe, I don't like to ffk appointment set.

Cheddarina: sure, you'll be the model? :p

BSG: sorry don't have her number, but got her FB lol

Joe: well, I don't have a gf but you got

etcmum: lol, no need la, not always free to go for his photograhy class.

kenny: Didn't use flash and my camera don't have imaga stabilizer function. Cheap camera.

mel: it's not about luck, it's about who you know lol

Kuan: none lol

Jason said...

Fuyoh, notti post. And hand shaking cos too excited/shy? :P

LydiaKong said...

i can't believe u turn down those hotties. they must be upset.

luthien said...

huh! how can you compare with aunty june... people see aunty june they will also bleed... but bleed from falling all over the place running away from her!!!!!