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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Behind The Scene With Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 Finalist

I went to Capxion Media to cover the Beautilicious Makeup Workshop shooting just after my work. I was working night shift the day before and I finished work at 8a.m. and went for the shoot at 10.30 a.m. This is the sacrifices I have to make lol. Go read by full post of the shoot here. Catch the latest episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 here.

I will not be blogging about the shoot here, instead I'll be writing about what the girls do when they're behind the scene.

Dennis their nanny and catwalk partner, Juanita, Denezia and Pinky. Oh, by the way, Juanita is pronounce as Huanita, I think it's a Spanish name because J is pronounce as H in Spanish.

Will Simon Seow miss this opportunity to take picture with the girls? Of course not because it won't be long that I won't get to take picture with all the top 11 finalist, as Rajvin already pulled out due to health reason. Catch Episode 5 of Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 and you'll find out the details. After elimination round started the girls will be fewer yo!

Juanita, Denezia, Pinky, Ming, me and Dawn.

I found out that some of the girls have blog. Ming's blog. I haven't manage to get the other girls' blog url. Later ok?

Shasya and Acha.They were slim. Unlike fat me T_T.

Maya, Natasha, me, Farah, and Liana.

Trivial: Maya is the tallest among all the girls.

One with the Nanny.

During the Beautilicious Makeup Workshop, conducted by Julie Wong (Founder and CEO):

The girls were listening attentively to Julie's tips on makeup.

After the workshop, each girls receives a pack of Beautilicious Cosmetic products worth RM 300 from Julie. They were so happy.

Julie, why I don't have geh? Ah, never mind, I don't use cosmetic anyway. :p

After the workshop, Dennis help the girls to practice their catwalks that they learned the other day in AndrewsModels. They need to prepare for their first catwalk show next week in Mist Club.

Doing the Catwalk.

While some are practicing their catwalk. Some of the other is pestering learning more makeup tips from Julie. It's good for the makeup challenge yo!

What do the girls do while they were resting before a shoot?

They danced Egyptian dance. LOL.

No lah. Just kidding.

They actually will tell me that I am very handsome. :p

Okay, let's no joke again. LOL. Well, some of the girls kept a diary, so they will write down their feelings (I think lah) in their diary. Whether it's happy or unhappy. You must understand that they can't have communication with the outside world unless is the given 10 minutes of call. So, a diary is in one way, a way of communicating with the inner self or another person.

Farah with her diary.

Natasha kept a diary too but she was busy sorting out her Beautilicious cosmetic that day.

Liana like to relax and catch up with the news. She's not in a good mood that day, hence the fierce look. She told me it's because of PMS. I understand, I sometime have that too. :p

While the other girls like to chit chat away.

Shasya and Acha seems to be very good together.

The girls having a girls talk.

I heard from a little bird that this season also has some drama in it. Start off with some girls sneaking in mobile phone to the dream house. Which is a big no no. Of course, the production team always do spot check, hence this might create a sense of privacy intrusion for some of the the girls. Remember to catch the latest episode to get more of the drama.

And oh, please vote your favourite finalist so that she can make it to the top 3 by SMS. ;)

P.S. I got this as a souvenir from Jerad. Ah, so nostalgic, can't believe it's a year already.


fatboybakes said...

haha, see, simon, always surrounded by hot chicks! lucky fellow!

CUMI & CIKI said...

i saw foto no.2 on FB.. !

well, who cares if u stand out.. more importantly is who's standing near you! hahaha ..

Myhorng said...

u r just everywhere lar dude.

3POINT8 said...

fuiseh, simon knows a lot of pretty ladies~~~

Simon Seow said...

fbb: but you're always around nice food

cumi & ciki: kekeke ;)

Mrhorng: where got, Huai Bin's every where.

Kif: ok ok lah

rojakrojak said...

i have a feeling the makeup artist is trying to sabo juanita, coz her makeup always looks like tranny makeup.

too thick and the tone is waaaaay off.

TheNewColour said...

Nice photographs you've got there, Simon.