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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl Party at Mist Club, Bangsar

Simon Says: Blogging about Gary Ng of Singapore can really boost up my traffic? What's all the fuzz about Gary Ng anyway? LOL.

As some bloggers complained that Nuffnang was late to be there, well, it's not Robb, the person that was responsible to bring the passes for Nuffnang bloggers is Andrea. Most of the official blogger for MDG2 reached Mist Club at about 6.30 p.m. whom are Diese, Sharlene, Andrew, Satkuru and me. Diese, Sharlene and me were stranded outside because the passes are with Nuffnang, so official blogger doesn't have any special privelege at all here. Andrew and Satkuru were lucky because they have DSLR hence also became the official photographer for the event, so they got to enter very early. The irony of it all is that the notification email sent out by Andrea strictly stated that late comers will not be entertained. We came early and were not entertained lol. I text Timothy and he replied it's because of the rain and traffic jam, they (Nuffies) already left very early. So, sometimes we just can't fight the nature lol. Blame the SMART tunnel for not doing it's job well.

Ironic but true.

Well, enough of the ranting. I just want to get it off my chest. On with the party. The venue of the party? Mist Club. By the way, their grand launching is this Thursday which clashes with Zouk KL 5th Birthday Bash T_T.

As we were stranded outside, nothing better than to camwhore. Also, lucky that Fly FM crew was out there to gives away freebies by having us to play games.

Sharlene, me and Diese. Coincidentally we wore black.

Zoe Yve then came with Yatz.

Then a girl called out my name, I turned around and saw a panda lol. I didn't recognized her until she gave me a hint. It was Hitomi. A Innit regular and Plurker.

Hitomi's friend, Hitomi and me.

Then I bumped into more familiar faces. Vivien. I told her I can't make it to Nuffnang Music Bash because I already had a dinner appointment T_T.

So we camwhore here first lah.

As I was about to enter Mist Club, Adeline called me and told me that she's reached. She's my guest. So, I waited for her before going in. The show started with Elaine Daly as the host of the night. The first piece of the catwalk is Wacoal SORCI age lingerie ^_^ This is the first time I'm watching a lingerie catwalk live. Of course, the 'exposure' is a bit tone down here.

From top left: Acha, Dawn, Denezia, and Farah.
From middle left: Juanita, Liana, Maya, and Ming.
From bottom left: Natasha, Pinky and Shasya.

Pinky was picked as the winner of this Wacoal catwalk challenge and walked away with RM 1,000 cash.

We were then entertained by the belly dancers from Celebrity Fitness. Shake it baby.

Then the girls came back on the stage displaying HP Mini 1000 and HP iPAQ handheld products. The pink HP Mini 1000 is HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam edition, selling for RM 1,999 last I know.

There was a short break after this, so I took some pictures with the bloggers there.

Andrew, Adeline, Nigel, Kel Li and Hsu Jen.

Satkuru, ?, Sidney, and David, all the kick ass photographer at the other side.

The catwalk continued with the girls wearing dress designed by ???

Time for some games with the audience. DJs from Fly FM were the game master of the night. I volunteered myself when they asked for 6 guys to come up the stage.

On the stage, I was able to capture some backstage pictures.

The girls were already dress up for the next catwalk. Cheongsam by Red Lantern.

A proper one of my camera.

The game was to do a catwalk. I didn't win but I still walked away with Beautilicious goodies pack, which I then gave to Adeline.

After the guys, it was the girls turn to play the game. Their game is to pole dance and a man will be the pole. Below here is Erica doing her stuff, she's Sharlene's younger sister by the way. I think her pole dance is too tame.

She plans to join MDG4 two years from now.

Met Dwayne there too. I won't be surprise to see him there because he's the one that takes almost all of the photos in the MDG2 photo shoot.

Why you didn't bring Serene to this party?

Then it's time to show off the Cheongsam by Red Lantern that I got a peek into from the backstage. I think Natasha carried the Cheongsam quite well because one have to have an hourglass figure to suite the Cheongsame nicely.

I was on the way to the toilet when I bumped into Fiqa and brought her to our place where Adeline is standing. They hug each other like long lost friends lol.

Adeline, me and Fiqa. Envy, no?

The usual suspects:

Tock Tock


Even though I rant about Nuffnang at the beginning of this post, I still loves Nuffnang.

Thomas and Sidney

Erica, MDG4 finalist lol.

Ren is back in the Blogosphere.

Finally, the last set of dresses were designed by the students of Lim Kok Wing.

Black is the new black? lol

The girls then got to see their invited friends and relatives for about 10 minutes or so, and I took this opportunity to take picture with them.




Shasya and Acha




I weren't able to catch Maya and Liana. The the show ends and DJs play some club music.

Fiqa got high drinking Red Bull wtf.

Took a picture with Jerad the CEO of Capxion Media before I left Mist Club.

Some of us the went to the mamak nearby to have supper and continue to chit chat.

What I got from the goodies bag:

HP towel, pouch and cup. I still need a HP laptop and smart phone lol. I already have HP jacket and polo T-shirt.

Intel lock, which I don't know how to change the code.

Wacoal sorci age bag

The Little Beauty Book by Beautilicious.

Ah, that's it. There's only 6 finalist left I think by the time this post is up. 3 more will be eliminated on the 24th of March (Tuesday). Wants to know who? Catch episode 9 here.


Johnny Ong said...

fantastic post

DiEsE said...

How come you always get cool makeup stuffs eh!??! XD next time... could i have `em?!?! XD

HitoMi^^ said... ugly can?!

Haha...camwhore with finalists - syok betul tapi you memang official MDG blogger ma

Simon Seow said...

Johnny: thanks ;)

Diese: I got faith with Beautilicious gua lol

Hitomi: yupe lol