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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Drinking Heineken From Tab in The Tavern

I was invited by Nuffnang to The Tavern in Guinness Anchor Berhad (G.A.B)'s Sungei Way Brewery at Batu 9 Jalan Klang Lama. Now only I know that Jalan Klang Lama is that long. As, I am not working that day, I was the earliest to arrive. I'm not your typical Malaysian with the typical Malaysian timing.

Due to security reason the visitor parking is a bit far from the brewery. About 1 or 2 minutes walk and it doesn't help when it's raining. Lucky that I kept an umbrella in the car. The entrance of The Tavern looks so like a typical Irish pub. The green colour reminds me of St. Patrick's Day which Guinness will be having an event in 1 Utama on 13th of March 2009.

The deco here are awesome and some of it can be consider as antique, which it'll be hard to find outside.

The Heineken tab is a Saxaphone, how cool. I of course was served with Heineken while waiting for the other bloggers to arrive.

This is the only place in Malaysia that one can get the freshest Heineken Draught. I find that the Heineken here is smoother and maltier than what I normally drank in the other pub which is mostly bottled.

My first pint of the night.

KY, Mellissa, and Huai Bin were the second to arrive. Since we're all haven't have dinner yet and were very hungry, so we started to hit the buffet line while waiting for the others. Otak-otak and lamb were my favourite that night.



While having dinner, I had a small talk with Desmond and Rengeeta. From there I found out that in the advertising and media industry, there are a lot of different companies specializing in different field. That night, there's already PR company, Creative company, Web Advertising company and of course Nuffnang to provide the media.

After filling up everyone's stomach with a delicious dinner. Jasmine, Heineken Brand Manager from G.A.B. started to show us the current and upcoming contest from Heineken, which we all know that Heineken is the sponsor for the UEFA Cup. Since, it's too expensive to bring so many people to watch the final live in Rome. What Heineken do every year is to gather a group of football fan in a place to watch the live telecast in the open. Last year was held in South Africa. This year, it will be held in Krabi, Thailand. KY already won a ticket there. For us, we still have chance to book a place there by joining the Star Final contest. You can either be the first to find the location or the one that gets the highest score in the raft racing contest.

Besides the contests, Jasmine also told us that Heineken will be launching an exclusive membership call Heineken ID. Member will get extra goodies in Heineken events and other good stuff. She offered one of us the Heineken ID membership. The one that can pour a perfect pint of Heineken Extra Cold will get the exclusive membership. I did not do very well but at least I'm not the worse. Cindy poured the best pint.

Kenny pouring out foam.

The result of Kenny's pour.

I poured myself a fourth pint of Heineken and it comes out almost perfect.

Practice makes better.

Then of course it's camwhoring time.

Nuffies and Cynthia.

Posing with Audrey's cute little umbrella.

Cindy and I wore black that night.

Mellissa that's in Melbourne now. She's told me the weather's sucks there now.

Robb, I lost when arm wrestled with him.

KY and Huai Bin. No surprise that Huai Bin's here.

Tock Tock and Tim Tim.

Me, KY, ST, Audrey and Timothy.

I won't miss the opportunity to take picture of Kenny with his head shaved.

The bartender then rang the last call bell. Huai Bin and I quickly order ourself a pint or two of Guinness Draught. Yummy.

The freshest Guinness Draught one can find.

KY and Huai Bin had a hard time finding out who's right hand is stronger.

The date is actually re-renovation date. The Tavern is almost as old as the brewery.

After four pints of Heineken and a pint of Guinness Draught, it's time to say goodbye. We all had fun there drinking Heineken and eating the tasty muruku at The Tavern. Too bad The Tavern is by invitation only, so you just can't walk-in just like that. God I missed those tasty draughts.

I was trying to catch a scandalous picture of Tock Tock and Cynthia. Didn't notice that the Guinness Anchor Berhad G.A.B signage was captured so clearly too.


Huai Bin said...

Heh! What can I say? Where there's alcohol, you can probably find me there. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh man....alcohol...i miss drink so sudden...been consuming lotsa caffeine these days...addicted to hot brewed coffee and tea...

horizon said...

Miss those beers, havent been drinking and smoking since CNY

CUMI & CIKI said...

can't stop looking at the hot chicks.. :P

thenomadGourmand said... fren claims Guinness Draught at Sid's Pub in TTDi the best.. at least there u get to walk-in.. why not u go try n tell me if htere's any diff??

Harmony the Sleepy Cat said...

Haha cute botak!

vialentino said... the inside look of the beer nice

Simon Seow said...

Huai Bin: yupe, the old Huai Bin is back lol

cwee: too much of anything is bad, caffeine is not very good if take too much. so now you should switch back to drinking beer.

horizon: good for you, you're moving to a healthier lifestyle.

CUMI & CUKI: yeah, we got some very hot bloggers there

thenomadGourmand: oh, will go and try there sometime and when I'm not broke T_T

Harmony: Kenny will say thanks lol

vialentino: yeah, I didn't expect that too.

§pinzer said...


haha. damn not nice your scandalous picture can?. grrr.