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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simon Cooks: Jumbo Sausage with Wild Rockets

Simon Says: The Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 top 12 finalists have been chosen. Their first photo shoot challenge episode is out. That is Episode 4. Go watch it here and see who's your favourite. Oh, here's the sneak peak of Ming, Dawn and Pinky's makeover pic. You don't get to see it in Episode 4.

Warning: Tidak Ditanggung Halal

Well, not exactly cook because there's no cooking involved, unless heating up the jumbo sausages in the microwave oven, cleaning the wild rockets and squeezing the American Mustard on the jumbo sausages is consider cooking lol.

I really like the aroma of the wild rockets and the wild rocket has this kind of special taste that goes so well with sausage or ham. Real pork sausages used here. I don't really fancy sausage made with chicken meat, it just doesn't taste right and texture is all wrong.

A meal that is easily prepared, don't even have to heat up the oil on the pan. Yes, this is how a lazy person like me eat when I eat at home alone.

Jumbo Sausages & Wild Rocket on Mustard Sauce Salad


chingy said...

Wild Rocket is the vege right? Huhu. Pardon my noobness. >_<

Bangsar-bAbE said...

This is my kind of dish! Heavy on the meat with a little bit of greens... =D

Mellissa said...

Making me hungryyyyyyy

ahlost said...

Watched the MDG ep4 last night edi .. can't wait for next episode ;)

Hate your pic !! Make me hungry only :(

xniquet said...

Jumbo is what i am talking about XD, anything with babi is best