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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zouk KL Is Going To Be 5 Year Old

It seems like just yesterday when Zouk KL opened it's door and became one of the most prominent dance club, lounge and bar in Klang Valley. Well of course, Zouk KL just got a facelift not long ago. How does it remain one of the top club in Klang Valley, one may ask. Well, with their never ending surprise to the clubbers of course. In view of the current economic situation, Zouk KL has come up with 10 ways that one can get value promotion. Even in a dired state, one has to has fun once in while, right?

I still remember I went to Zouk KL for the Hennessy Artistry event just almost exactly a year ago. That's before they do the renovation and re-launch. It's already quite the cool club to be in and after the re-launch, it just got cooler.

Before the renovation.

You can always count on Zouk KL to bring you cool events with cool DJs and VJs.

Zouk KL is going to be five this month and to celebrate their Vth annivesary, on the 26th of March 2009 (Thursday), Zouk KL will be throwing what they call a FANTASIA party. So, mark your scheduled on the date because there's going to be a lot of fun there.

In Zouk - The Fun House. Lap Sap and Terrence C will be throwing out their best to wow you with their techno meshup and trademark bootlegs! Dress up wackiest and wildest and you might walk away winning a hefty cash prize handed over to you by fashiong guru Chris Yong himself.

I just went to Zouk this year during Chinese New Year, even my cousin Elaine from and Hong Kong and her friend Leona knows about Zouk and we went there for clubbing after our dinner. This is after the Zouk KL re-launch. Not much change from the outside but a lot cooler inside.

The familiar Zouk logo.

I'm drinking away in Zouk.

Hans, Sheryl, me, Leona and her friend in Zouk.

I didn't really have the chance to visit the other rooms in Zouk KL because Zouk alone can get me going for the whole night.

Some of the events that will be happening on 26th of March, Fantasia night at the other rooms in Zouk KL:

In Phuture - Sky Kingdom. If funky music, R&B and hip hop is your cup of tea, then you probally won't mind what DJ Goldfish, Luqe, Ray Rox and MC Point Blanc giving their best performance here. To heat things up a bit, 4Play Honeys will be there too.

MC Point Blanc in da house.

In Velvet - Deep Blue Room. If you're like me, those from Generation X, retro music from the 80's is the way to go. Legendary DJs Leonard T and Alex will be spinning a fabulous special 80's medley performance here just for you.

Having fun drinking Hennessy cocktails in what used to be Velvet Underground and now known as Velvet.

In Aristo - The Golden Bubble. Only for the VIP invitees, special guest DJ Gregoire Pagnoux along with resident DJ Shazz will be dishing out the latest house and electro for you. Please dress as fabulous as you can.

Twilight Actiongirl

In Barsonic - The Music & Magic Room. Last but not least, Barsonic will be transformed into a haven of indie and rock. The very ably Twilight Actiongirl will be your host and what more, KL very first indie karaoke room will be featured here too. Come and check it out baby.

Come and join the fun:


Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

DATE:Thursday. 26th March 2009

TIME:9pm - 3am



TICKET ENTRY: (ACCESS ALL ROOMS)RM28 Ladies / RM38 Men (inc 1 drink)
BARSONIC ONLY:RM20 Ladies / RM30 Men (inc 1 drink)
BOTTLE ENTRY:RM382++ / 4 pax (Advance booking)

RESERVATIONS*:Please call 03-2171 2075 (12pm - 6pm) or 0163323191(after 6pm) or email*applicable to 21 yrs old and above.


teckiee said...

LapSap rocks! Phuture is nice too. Like the whole MTV action.

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