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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar

After a karaoke session in Neway, 1 Utama with fellow floggers WMW, Precious Pea, Nic, Ekeng and XLB, I have to drive all the way to Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar at Jalan Mesui. No, I amnot going there for food, I am going there to do some work. Well, the previous company that I work for provide the Point of Sales (POS) software to Palate Palette and my ex-boss asked me to help doing some update to their POS to cater for the total bill rounding. So there I was to update the POS.

Ben at the cashier, that's the POS that I just updated.

Reached there around 6pm updating and fixing up the systems took about 1 hour 45 minutes. After Paul (Executive Chef and co-owner of Palate Palette) checked and was satisfied with the update and sign the job sheet, then only considered done. Then Paul asked, "Simon, have you had your dinner yet." "Not yet", I answered. "Have your dinner here then, order something to eat", Paul speaking with his American accent. Paul is a Taiwanese from New York. Reminds me of Wang Lee Hom. Except that they are in different discipline of art, one in music and the other in culinary.

Special cocktails listed on mirrors.

There I asked Ben the operation manager of Palate Palette what's the most affordable dish on the menu because at that time I don't really have that much money in my wallet. Ben smirked. "If we asked you to eat means it's on the house. Would you like to have steak?", Ben asked. Then I sat down and Ben recommended main, which is the Chicken Chop, the most full filling main in the menu. I ordered Mushroom Cappucino and my favourite Shrimp & Avocado Salad. As for drink, I have their signature O Boi!

Palate Palette, hence the Palette you can see all over the place.

My glass of Oh Boi! (RM 21++), which is liquor of your choice mixed with assam boi. That night I choose to mix it with rum. Oh boy! It's delicious.

Oh Boi!

I was then served with warm sesame seed bun with a pinch of unsalted butter. Not sure whether it's Truffle butter or not.

Lovely bun, warm and soft.

Mushroom Cappucino (RM 10++) is next. It's actually mushroom soup in a cup top with foam milk. The mushroom soup here is different from other that I've tasted. There's a dash of spiciness in it, which is not pepper. I tried asking Paul before but he says it's a secret. Nevertheless a very warming starter which help in my appetite.

Rating: 3.5/5

Coffee anyone?

Look at the mushrooms.

My favourite Shrimp & Avocado Salad (RM 18++) is up next. The shrimp is very fresh hence the meat is firm and tender. There's red and greenish powder all over, I guess it's paprika and dry parsley. I put a shrimp and some creamy avocado and wrap it with the lettuce leaf. Superb! This is one dish that is a must try if you dine in Palate Palette.

Rating: 4.5/5

Shrimp on top and the avocado is hidden at the bottom.

Rich & Creamy Avocado. Can I have a bowl of this please?

My main sundried tomato battered Chicken Chop (RM 27++) is da value for money. The chicken chop is fried al dente, crunchy on the outside and juicy and tender in the inside. Dip it in the specially prepared barbecue sauce, the taste is marvelous. The garlic mash patatoes while is not rich with cheese as Chili's but still have it's own unique taste. If you're looking for tasty and full filling main, this is the dish you should order.

Rating: 4/5

A big piece of chicken chop with a generous portion of garlic mash potatoes.

One can find interesting deco around Palate Palette which is in a house from the colonial time.

This is for the girls only I think.

It's very safe using the toilet because there's like 6 to 7 different locks.

Besides eating here, there's also a lounge area up stair for party and private function. Lap Sap is one of the group that always do their gigs here. On Sunday, there's also a flea market held here. For updated information, you can visit Palate Palette's website.

After the satisfying dinner, I thank and say goodbye to Paul and Ben. Will surely be back to try out some other dishes. Their set lunch is a bargain too at RM 20++ with Starters, Entrees and a drink. The set lunch is available from Tue to Fri, 12 - 3 pm.


Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar
21, Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2142 2148
Fax: 03-2143 2148
Website: htpp://


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Christine said...

Thank you for your help ya.. :)

luthien said...

wow! this place looks awesome! looooove the art on the walls!

Irenelim said...

The locks make sure you have a great time in the toilet!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so nice..good free food..yeah loved the shrimp ever since the 1st time i had it..

~ Thai Boxing Girl ~ said...

DUDE, what is your email address ar? quick quick can let me know ar? email me at!!!

Want to send you the details of ticket collection. In case can't get your email in time, you have to be at Sunway Lagoon MAIN ENTRANCE, between 6pm to 8pm to collect your ticket!!!!! Look out for the contest winner's ticket redemption counter :)

Your photo i/d is required for verification purpose.

Simon Seow said...

christine: you're welcome

luthien: yeah, it's cool, go try

irenelim: makes one feels more secured doing business

joe: free only if i go there to work, also not everytime get belanja one leh. also paiseh want Paul to belanja every time.

TBG: Gotcha. Thanks. See ya tomorrow.

vkeong said...

Y no photos of the eating patrons :P

Simon Seow said...

vkeong: I don't want to scared the other customer: :p