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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

I never celebrated Halloween before and never attended any Halloween Party before. This year or more precisely this month end I'll have a chance to party for Hallwoween. All this thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia XpressMusic.

Yes. I know the party is not on 31st of October but 1st of November but who cares? Happy Belated Halloween anyone? With Nokia XpressMusic, now I can play eerie music on that night to stimulate the mode on the move.

Even if I have eerie music playing the whole night long from Nokia XpressMusic. I still have to get myself a costume -_- This is a tricky part. What kind of costumer should I get? I won't want to come in a cardboard sandwich again as in the Wild Live Part.

I am suppose to be a horse OK?

Shall I dress as a super hero? Picture source here.

Nah, super hero is not scary at all.

How about a vampire, put on the make up and the fangs, it'll be scary. But I don't have a tuxedo.

Maybe I can be the cute Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters. But cute is not scary at all. Halloween have to be SCARY!

Ok. I think I found my costume. I'll go to the party almost naked. Be scare you all!


P.S. Nuffnanger that want to go to the party be fast an post about this. Details here.


ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

mari kita ramai2 meriahkan lg mjls hr ry thn ini. dsertakan jgk list rmh terbuka slrh dunia;
jk anda ada info lain, sila emailkan lmn web ATAU no telnya ke ATAU sms +60128624623 segera!
thx... semua d jmpt hdr & jgn malu2

apa komen anda psl video d bwh ini;
maaflah TUN... drkm pun ms tgh kecewa, lpr, malu & mrh! sape yg sepatutnya mhn maaf nie?

jason said...

Let's see if you really gonna "dress" like that ^^

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha i dare and double dare u..

Ashleigh said...

How do I get invites for this? I wanna go!! =D

vvens said...

lol. i'll wait to see you wearing that there! ;p

Serge Norguard said...

come as marshmallow man .. i dare ya!

-eiling- said...

haha..i really wanna see what you're going to be in the end of the day!

Jasmine said...

Haha, that pizza box costume is cute and SCARY! But it's not as nice as these Come dress like them and I am sure you will scare everybody out of their shit!

jolyn cutiez said...

the last pic really change my perception towards pizza d.. uhuhuh..

xin said...

tht pizza guy definitely made an impression. lol

vkeong said...

please don't spoil pizza's image for us lol!

Simon Seow said...

jason: we'll see

joe: I don't dare :p

ashleigh: Click on the link at the bottom and find out.

vvens: yeah!

serge: i will if I can find the costume.

eiling: in the end, I might not coming as anything lol.

jasmine: I worried I'll be arrested

jolyn: don't eat pizza then :p

xin: it sure does

vkeong: lol