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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eagle Eye and House Bunny

Simon Says: Happy Birthday to Mike Yip and Su Ann tomorrow.

Last two weeks was like a movie premiere week for me, all thanks to Nuffnang. A few days after Mama Mia! I went to Eagle Eye movie premiere. A week after Eagle Eye there's House Bunny which I got 4 tickets two from Nuffnang and two from Emmagem. I gave the two extras to Karena after she message me in Facebook.

Let me write about Eagle Eye first. First the overall story is a bit cliché, it's a bit like Die Hard 4.0 meet The Tower. Read computer got too smart and takes thing on it's own hand. The sub plot in it though is not cliché at all. There's some surprises here and there. Leading the main is Shia LeBeouf of Transformers fame. He's the reluctant hero that was dragged into the whole thing. Overall this is a very suspenseful and entertaining movie except for the 2 minutes "good" ending that spoiled the whole movie. Sigh. Nevertheless, recommended to catch this in the cinema. Thanks to Kul to accompany me to this premiere in such last minute notice.

Shia LeBeouf as Jerry Shaw and Michelle Monaghan as Rachel Holloman

Rating: 3.5/5

There's a lot more familiar faces in the House Bunny premierre, which means a lot of pics taken on that day.

Karena of course is there to get the tickets from me.

PamSong. Seen her in all 3 movie premieres.

Cindy Tey aka Jade Zheng. Alas able to take a picture with her since I didn't manage to take a picture with her during the MDG Finale.

This is the only premiere that I see Tim attended. I think he was too busy in the previous two.

This picture with Ringo was taken by her Japanese friend Taka-san. Arigatou.

I invited my friend KP to the movie. She's helping me to shake my er.. fries here.

In the cinema also we bloggers have to take pictures wtf. LOL.

Ok. Back to the movie The House Bunny. This is the first English movie that I watched in Malaysia that have no subtitle. It's either because this is a premiere so we're watching a version that haven't put any subtitle yet or it is meant to be watch without subtitle. It's great to watch movie without any subtitle coming out from the bottom to distract you.

Without the subtitle to distract me, I paid extra attention to the dialog the characters are saying because some of the bimbo-istic talk is very fast. Even though this movie is quite bimbo but the joke is really damn funny. There's a lot of dumb blonde joke in the movie. I the "little bird" joke the most. I literally laugh out loudly. So, if you're looking for a really good laugh, this movie is for you. It's showing here in Malaysia on the 9th of October.



TZ said...

Dude, i'm so envy the life you have in KL... I miss all the fun... I'm the lonely blogger in Kampala, Uganda :-p

-eiling- said...

Both the movies not too bad and House Bunny was defintely a chick flick with lots of cleavages!

foongpc said...

Didn't really like Eagle Eye despite its full of action from beginning to end. The plot too far fetched and unbelievable. They should have come up with a better plot IMHO

Irenelim said...

Oh, please share with us the little bird joke!

patrick said...

is Eagle Eye the one where Shia LaBeouf becomes Indiana Jones? wait a sec, i'm confused...