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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quattro Soft Launch

Found out about Quattro, Avenue K soft launch through Facebook. Since there's free flow from 8pm to 10pm, and I'm free on that day (17th Oct 2008) so I RSVP myself. As usual, for event like this I'll try to be on time but I overslept during my nap so only started to travel from my house at 8pm. Lucky the traffic to KL is quite the smooth. Reached Avenue K at about 8.20 pm.

The crowd queing up to go in.

There's already a small crowd in front of the entrance registering their name. Lucky my name starts with 'S' and the for 'Q' to 'Z' is almost empty. Got myself registered (my name was not in the printed list, I just wrote down my name and contacts) and went in to Autumn Club. Yes, Quottro actually has 4 different segment which is named after the 4 seasons.

Autumn Club is the main room for those clubbing kakis and is also the biggest room in Quattro.

Temp : +18ºC
Climate : Windy
Feat : The longest bar in KL and entertainment provided by local and international DJ's

With that many people, I think the temperature in Autumn Club is definitely more than 24 degree Celsius. Never mind, the first thing I do is queue up at the bar for my free booze. I chose beer and it's only Tiger beer. Well, it's free so no complain there.

Patrons queuing up for free booze.

After downing my Tiger beer, I made my way the area next to Autumn Club. It's an alfresco style lounge with live band. This is the Spring Lounge. KLCC is just opposite.

[ Spring Lounge ]

Temp : +21ºC
Climate : Cooling breeze and occasional rain
Feat : Live performances by bands, comedians, etc.

'Chun' means Spring in Chinese

The crowd has not found its way here yet thus still manageable at the bar and not that cramp.

Free booze is served here too.

If you exit Quottro from Spring Lounge, you have to be prepared to get wet or use the umbrella to go through the Raining Pathway.

Things can really get wet in Spring Lounge.

Inside the Autumn Club, the DJ announced that there's buffet in Summer Restaurant for VIP and Media. Since I haven't have dinner yet, so I make my way next door from Spring Lounge to Summer Restaurant. By the way, I'm not invited as VIP or Media but there's no one checking so in I go.

Typical restaurant deco.

[ Summer Restaurant ]

Temp : +26ºC
Climate : Sunny
Feat : Cozy alfresco seating with view of KLCC Petronas Twin Towers

Funny that Summer Restaurant is cooler than Spring Lounge because there's air-conditioning inside unless you sit at their alfresco seating.

Interesting ceiling, I wonder how it passed the fire deparment check. Inflammeable wood?

The so call buffet is actually tasting platter that is serve by the staff. There's a few plate of that's lying on the serving table, so I helped myself with a plate.

The free food.

The taste is just so so only. No complain there since it's free food anyway. Hope it won't be of this quality the next time I come here to try out their food. After walloping a second helping, I saw Fahaz queuing up for food. We then sat together and chit chat.

Fahaz holding his 'ticket' to go to events as media.

Yatz came later

Yes, that's Summer alright.

After some more chit chatting in Summer Restaurant me and Dahlia wanted to go to the Winter Bar. On the way there I bumped in to Jane and StephK. In the end I didn't manage to find Winter Bar with Dahlia. The CoolerClubber is going to Bangsar so they left early and I went to Chilis to meet up with Jane and StephK. After they finished their dinner, they lead me to an emergency stair case inside Autumn Club which takes me up to the Winter Bar.

The Winter Room

The Winter Bar will just be a normal bar if not for the Winter Garden which is sub-zero degree Celsius room with sofa and chair made of ice.

[ Winter Bar ]

Temp : Main room @ around +10ºC; Snowing room @ -5ºC
Climate : Mostly chilly with occasional snow
Feat : DJ's accompanied by live performers

The Winter Garden at one time can only allow 5 people to go in for about 5 minutes.

It snows?

Camwhored with Jane.

Your face will be like me too if you're sitting on wet ice.

Jane posing with ice.

StephK posing with a bottle of Heineken.

Well, seems like KL now have a new place to hangout, and it's all under one roof from restaurant, lounge, bar to club. I think I'm only interested to visit the restaurant first.


luthien said...

the free food looks good! i dunno about the ice tho :)

Hayley said...

i cant wait to try it!! =)
so which season do u prefer?

Irenelim said...

I want to pose with the ice too... huhuhu...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmmm sounds good hor..but easy to fall sick ar? hot cold..

Precious Pea said...

Interesting to go through 4 seasons in one night! Ahh..i expected some flowers at Spring Lounge leh.

Jasmine said...

Oooo, happening place! Got ice and rain!

mel^^mel said...

So which is the best among this 4 season?

Simon Seow said...

luthien: looks can be deceiving

hayley & mel^^mel: for me of course Summer, food mah.

irene lim: go and try

joe: normally I think ppl will stick with one place at a time lol

ivy: yeah, no flower to be seen

Yatz said...

well..actually his name is Fuzz..although his real name is

Simon Seow said...

yatz: yeah, I only found out when I go to coolerclubbers blog.

xin said...

it looks interesting. me and my colleagues almost went there too haha. but didnt make it for the fear of bad jam in the city