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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Very Cute Clay Deco

Simon Says: Found this interesting blog, miao~ from Jason Mumbles. Another blogger that blog with drawings. The other two drawing blogs that I follow are Stickgal and Sketchy Minds.

My friend showed me some cute little clay figure two weeks ago. According to him these are hand made and each design is limited to 1000 pieces. He got some samples with him, so I took some pics while I was having coffee in Starbucks. The handmade clay pieces are call KimClay.

Malay couples

Chinese couples

Indian couples.

Not really sure what are these but they sure look silly. LOL.

Teddy Bear and Charcoal?

These are my favourite, Fruity Shits. LOL.

Anyone interested to know where you can buy these cute hand made clay figure can drop an email to the local distributor,

You can go to these INQBOX outlets in Sunway Pyramid, and Mid Valley.
Available soon in 1Utama Shopping Centre, S'pore Suntac City Shopping, Raffles Place Shopping mall, and Parkway Parade.


Christine said...

Hi simon, this is nthing to do with this post.. Just wanna ask whether do u know any food stall that only sells desserts in KL?

TZ said...

Dude, is there any African couples... anyway, i bought an African couples last weekend in the craft market... show you later eh! :-p

durianberry said...

I like the shits too.. lol!

Simon Seow said...

christine: stall as in hawker stall? well there's a few like KTZ in Kepong, SS2. There's Dessert Bar in Mont Kiara and Tropicana. A new Hong Kong dessert shop in Kepong Taman Usahawan.

tz: not sure, have to ask my friend.

durian: woot!

Ai-Ling said...

hi there simon,

the clay figures are so cute!! i hv to agree with u...the fruity shits look the best! thanks for sharing :)

Christine said...

Hi Simon, hawker's stall.. those dessert place where is traditional and no trademark one.

Irenelim said...

Now everyone likes the shits... haha!

Harry said...


-eiling- said...

the fruity shits looked good!

Simon Seow said...

ai-ling: you're welcome

irenelim: yeah, not sure whether it's a good thing or bad thing

harry: woot!

eiling: they sure are, at least better than mine.

ahlost said...

sho cute !! wait till i get my own apartment first :D

Anonymous said...

simon! the teddy bear's the best ;)

Wen said...

the teddy bear n fruity shitz very cute!!!

renaye said...

i used to have a clay korean couple but it got broken so i discard it. pity.

sookyee. said...

=..= Not this definitely sounds not right.

Simon Seow said...

Rose: tell me after you got apartment, I'll send one to you.

samantha: oh, is it? if you come to KL tell me first, then i'll give you one.

wen: glad to hear all the ppl like them

renyaye: sad.

sookyee: yeah, it sounds so wrong but it's definitely some cute shit. lol