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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Le Pork @ Le Deli

Simon Seow: Happy Birthday to Kel Li on Monday. 23 is nothing la, I'm 29 already lor. Just found out, it's Rachel's birthday too. Happy Birthday!

Warning: Tidak Ditanggung Halal

Just a short post of what I ate when meeting up Chimp for tea before a I went to dinner in a newly open Japanese restaurant in Cineleisure. As usual, Chimp like to hang out in Le Deli in Mont Kiara Shoplex.

I just woke up from sleep and haven't have anything to eat. Le Deli sells gourmet meat such as bacon, ham, and sausages. There are also a lot of variety. You can pack it to go or you can eat it there in le Deli. You can have the meat chosen to be made into sandwich, or just the meat which comes with some greens. Price depending on the meat you chose. Oh, there's also various cheese set available. I tried thefruity cheese before, it's yummy.

Browsing through the menu list, I saw a meat call Yakibuta belly (Roast Pork Belly). At first I thought it's siew yoke but when I look at the meat in the fridge, it's a long round cylinder shape meat loaf. I think because it's Japanese style and Japanese cha siew (BBQ Pork) is also done this way. For the Yakibuta belly, I think the meat from the belly of the pork is used to make it. Without any hesitation, I order a plate of this.

The Yakibuta belly tasted like ham but with a lot more fat. For those of you that like fat, this is a recommended choice of meat if you're to have a snack in Le Deli. I eat it by wrapping the lettuce around a slice of the roast pork belly. The lettuce tone down the oiliness of the roast pork, which is a good combination. I regretted not asking for some mustard, I think it goes very well with mustard. Nevertheless, an enjoyable and yummy snack.

Rating: 4/5

Chimp ordered a Turkey Ham pita sandwich with Honey Mustard to share with her friend. I didn't try so I can't give any comment. From the look, I think it's not bad too.

I was there until 6 p.m. and then made my way to Cineleisure because I have dinner plans with Teckkie and WMW to try out the new Japanese restaurant. Guess which Japanese restaurant we went to? Picture below is the hint. No gift for guessing correctly though. :p

Abalone Ikura Sushi (How much is the abalone sushi? lol)

See my previous post to check out the map for Le Deli, Mont Kiara.


TNH said...

wow..yummy...i like the shushi..

3POINT8 said...

ham on toothpick!
this is something new!
gotta try this someday~~

Baby said...

how's the price like?

-eiling- said...

wow the Yakibuta belly looked so good. must try must try.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah got appetisers b4 that main meal sommore ar..respect..!

zhengdhong said...

ur making me hungry man! =D

Jasmine said...

I don't know which Japanese restaurant you went to, but all the food pictures make me cum in my panties! Haha, the abalone ikura sushi looks extremely good! :)

mimid3vils said...

Oh...the Yakibuta make me drooling over my keypad~~

wmw said...

Ooh, the Yakibuta belly looks yummy!

foongpc said...

The Yakibuta belly and the abalone sushi look delicious! Must give them a try! : )

Cheddarina said...

Agrhhh.... THe abalone ikura sushi makes me feel hungry... Is tat very very expensive?

Holly Jean said...

When i go M'sia.. can u take me to eat tht plate of yummy pork??? (the 1st pic)... i am sooo hungry

Simon Seow said...

tnh:yeah, love it

Kif: it's something new? lol

baby: that plate of Yakibuta cost me RM 18.90 ++

eiling: yeah, call me I'll take u there

joe: just woke up from sleep, consider my breakfast lor

zhengdhong: kekeke

jasmine: yupe, it's a signature sushi there.

mimid3vil: you must clean your keypad then.

wmw: sure is

foongpc: yeah but two different restaurant yo!

cheddarina: not really, I remembered it's RM 12 for two pieces

holly: sure, I can drive you here.

Jasmine said...

Can't wait to try the sushi... can you bring me there?! I wanna have multiple orgasms with the sushi! :)

ahlost said...

Wah.. Nampak sedapppp :))

Jun said...

the pita does look good tho, but i think i'd prefer the abalone sushi any time! ;p