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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cool Guys I Met In Hennessy Artistry, Orange Club

Continued from my previous post of hot girls, as promised I'll post up some cool guys too. That night was really pack. There's so many people there that walking around to take pictures will have problem.

Queue in the online RSVP

The first cool guy I met there and took picture is Nigel, whom went away earlier with Kel Li to Euphoria.

Met Nicholas in the entrance, busy coordinating the bloggers.

Mr. Hennessy

Am I cool or what?

Boss Stewie was there too for a short period.

We have Shaun and Ren in da house.

My best pal since secondary school, Justin. Girls, he's single and drive a damn nice car. ^_^

Mr. Thomas Yap the leader of DGMB

Joshua Ong, which can be considered as my neighbour because we stayed literally across the street from each other.

James Wu, he got the same Nikon shirt that I always wear.

See, that's the same shirt.

Uncle Josh is one of the photographer that night. Damn, I also want one of the Nikon jacket.

Jack Khor that cut his hair short.

Some of the free booze that we drank.

Lastly, Nicholas Wong. Eligible bachelor?

I didn't get many pictures from the stage because I know my camera won't be able to get any good picture. Here's two of the example of shooting from afar with my camera.

The Dey

DJ Tom Price doing his thing.

Once again thanks to Nuffnang and Hennessy for a great event and free flow of Hennessy Cocktail. So, when will be the next one?


Neo said...

I prefer the HOT CHICKS you met there! Wukaka...

mel^^mel said...

Any more photos to share...
yea... as neo said... hot chicks pls~~~~ :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like u need to get an upgrade on ur camera d..hahaha..

Esther Chin said...

justin is single already?

and when did jack cut his hair? omg he looks better now, then having long hair. well, at least i dont think long hair looks good on him la :p

Simon Seow said...

neo: kekeke

mel: no more pics of hot chicks lor

joe: you loan me some money lor

esther: sure single, he's not married. yeah he look smart in short hair but he say he misses his long hair.

Precious Pea said... so happening lah!!! See you this Sat?