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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hennessy Artistry, Indoor Arena - Prelude

Hennessy Artistry, Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena rocks. This is the best Hennessy Artistry event I go to yet. It also a new Hennessy Cocktail, Hennessy KL. No, this is now a post about the event. Thank you Hennessy and Nuffnang.

I'll be splitting the post about it in two. Hot Girls and Cool Guys. There will be a Nuffnang poll for you guys to vote, whether you want to see Hot Girls first or Cool Guys first. So, go see my right pane and vote now.

Hot Girl and Cool Guy
Thanks Mike for this pic. I'll post my own pics later.


Result from the poll. Winner is Hot Girls.


trulyme said...

Very honored to be on ur blog!!1 very first pic somemore :)

Ohkulala said...

wah, everyone seemed to be at the hennessy artistry party except me. huhuhu

Simon Seow said...

steph: lol. I didn't post the Aloha one, that's why this is the first time you're in my post.

ohkulala: pftt..don't know who went to Rain Forest with Kenny Sia leh.

Anonymous said...

More gal please.....wahaha....just to say hi at here....