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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bread & Olives @ Lookout Point

I've been reading a few post about a place with fantastic view of KL night where you can have your meal. This is non other than Lookout Point. So, a group of us foodies decided to go there to have our meal and view.

We first group up near Leisure Mall, Taman Segar. There were 6 of us. 3 in each car. Me and KampungBoy did the driving. I am the leading car as Jason is the one that know how to go there with the help of an instruction printed from a blog. Oh, by the way Jason is from Ipoh, and me a KLian is so malu of not knowing the way lol. Following the intruction, we manage to make our way to Lookout Point from Taman Segar in about half an hour. It's actually not that far. Thanks to Jason that chose a shorter route that skipped the congestion in Pandan Perdana.

We've reached.

My advise is to go there before 8pm during weekend, if not you won't be able to find a place and have to park below.

Bread & Olives is a restaurant serving Western & Middle Eastern fare. We chose a table near the edge so that we can have a view. The lighting on our table is not bright enough to take good pics, so when each dish arrived, we'll move it to another table with bright ligthing to take the pic. It's so funny come to think of it. The waiter even advise us to eat while the food is hot. Nah, we're floggers, so some sacrifices is needed.

My half roast chicken. It's way better than Kenny Rogers. The meat is juicy and flavourful. The sauce is goes superbly well with the chicken. It comes with briyani rice which is also very tasty. Best ever roast chicken I had.

Rating: 4/5


We all shared a pizza, which was cut into 6 slices. So, each of us get to eat a slice. I think is this Bur Al Arab pizza with minced lamb. The pizza is really good with it's thin crust and flavourful tops.

Rating: 3.8/5


Floggers @ Work: Jason, KampungBoy & Serene taking pic of WMW's rainbow drink.

KampungBoyCityGal's lamb shank with briyani rice. I tasted a bit and it's not bad. Better than Chili's. It's the mayonaise purposely written "no" or I'm seeing things?


WMW ordered Lamb Shawarma and Jason ordered Chicken Shawarma. It's something like kebab wrap in pita bread. It tasted normal.

They have open kitchen concept. Below is the pizza oven I think.


What's cooking?

KL's night view from Lookout Point

There are two other restaurant in Lookout Point, Gasoline and another one serving Malay food, I forgot the name =p

After the dinner, we decided to go back to Cheras and have a drink. We drive around looking for a good cafe to go. In Taman Connaught we found this cafe but it was full house and asked us to go home hence the name in Chinese.


IMG_1179 An interesting hand that I saw downstair.

So, we ended up in Station One in Taman Mutiara. WMW and I drank beer to end the night. It just hard for me not to post this picture of CityGal. Hope she won't kill me in Liane's farewell dinner tomorrow.


CityGal showing us the Art of Mixing


Bread & Olives @ Lookout Point

Detail direction here.


J2Kfm said...

oh sweet. the floggers gathering. :)

I bet the other patrons must be thinking, who ARE this bunch of lunatics? the press? =P

Baby said...

i'm hungry..

wmw said...

Hahaha...Hope to see you alive later tonight at the gathering!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah i miss dis 1 out..if not u would hav another lunatic with a big camera..come to think abt 1 go use tripod ar?

fatboybakes said...

omigoodness, where is this lookout point? i've lived in KL nearly all my life, how come i dunno about this location?

is the B&O (body and odour?) a fast food joint? how come it gets compared to kenny rogers and stuff?

mimid3vils said...

I think u sure "mati" lah, haha
Btw this is the 1st good review i read abt this restaurant, before that all r bad comments ler~~

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks fun . . . wah you all tak ajak pun!

Sharoning Q. said...

I'm craving again...something western...ha

ahlost said...

2nd last pic so scary *LOL*

babychyu said...

hey i just pass by this shop "返屋企" when i go hong lok pasar malam on this pass wednesday woi !! thn now i view ur blog i saw u actually go this cafe jor.. =.="
ish ish ...

Monica said...

Nice place. Nice view! will check it out soon ;-)

Simon Seow said...

j2km: lol, they might, they might. But we don't care LOL.

baby: i'm hungry too

wmw: :( my car died, didn't make it

joe: no one bring lol

fbb: i'm comparing the roast chicken only, it's not a fast food joint and Kenny Rogers also not a fast food

bbo: it's organized by Jason, I also found the invitation in Facebook only.

sharon: lol

Rose: come to think of it, quite scary also lol

Chyu: if you read my post, we didn't manage to drink there.

monica: yeah you should

Simon Ho said...

i just went there yesterday. boy, it's kinda scary to go up the parking lot up the hill if you are driving manual. i parked below in the end XD

jason said...

Oh, the KL view pic is nice.

Sorry BBO, that time I don't think you have Facebook yet ^^

kampungboycitygal said...

hmmm is that why you never attend the dinner at king crab? holding knife on hand *

Simon Seow said...

simon: I understand how you feel, I drove auto also kinda worried. lol

jason: thanks

kbcg: nope, my car broke down T_T *run far far away from the knife*

Celine said...

Those pictures are making me hungry alright. The food look good though. I know about Bread & Olives but have not eaten there. Will try it out! :)Thanks for the review.