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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Super Bad Experience Watching Movie at GSC 1 Utama

I'm not sure about you but from my past experience, I always had some of my movie going experience spoiled by bad projection or bad sound. So often than not it happens in GSC 1 Utama. Okay, having technical glitch is one thing but having the projection going way out and the audiences themselves have to notify the staff there to tell them there's a problem with the picture after waiting for 10 or 15 minutes means one thing. The projectionist must be doing something else rather than making sure that the movie is projected correctly or the sound is okay after he push the start button.

Take just now for example. I went to watch Viral Factor in GSC 1 Utama on 21st Jan 2012, 9pm at hall 11. I was quite excited to watch this movie that was shot mostly in Malaysia. When the film starts, the ratio of the picture doesn't match the screen at all. It's like it's using 4:3 rather than the 16:9 ratio. Then there's the sound having some distortion that is very irritating and the volume from dialogue and sound effect in the movie was damn low. We, the audiences had to endured this bad quality projection for about 15 minutes, until some of the audiences couldn't take it anymore and walked out to complain. Then only a few minutes later the picture ratio was corrected and a few more minutes later the sound was corrected.

What I don't understand was, why we the audience need to wait 10 to 15 minutes and go make a complain only then the technical glitch is taken care of? What is the projectionist doing? I hope he/she is not sleeping on the job.

Viral Factor is quite nice by the way but please watch it somewhere else if you don't want a bad experience like me. I also bought ticket for I Love Hong Kong 2012 for 12.30 am show at hall 6. Ratio and sound was okay but there's a big vertical line covering the top of the picture. I didn't wait for 10 minutes this time, after 1 or 2 minutes into the movie, I walked out and complained to the staff. They then tried to fixed it. They stopped the movie, do something, then played again but the vertical black line was still there. The frustrating thing is that the movie is continued to be played, so we all missed out portions of the story not to mention watching the movie with the black vertical line. After 15 minutes and it's still not fixed yet. I couldn't take it anymore. I walked out straight to the box office and asked for a refund. The box office staff asked why. I told him technical glitch and I missed like 10 minutes of the story. He gave me the RM12 I paid and I left 1 Utama.

This is what I get when I pay good money to support original film? Luckily I don't watch movie at GSC 1 Utama that often. TGV Kepong is still the best lol. Please, GSC Cinemas ask your projectionists not to sleep on the job. Thank you very much.


SiMon Har said...

hope GSC saw your post!!

Simon Seow said...

I Tweeted this link to their Twitter handler. So, most probably they will see lol.

Simple Person said...

I use to watch movie at GSC 1U n never encounter any problems .... hmmmmm Mayb I am lucky... lol

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened in Cathay cineplexes the curve , 1st 10 mins the movie stopped and we got refunded. Watched in IOi gsc was ok!