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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where's the Party!

Yes. One of the biggest party I went last year. Where's the Party? Performers like Crossfire and Paperplane Pursuit, Dennis Lau , Shawn Lee, High on Heels, DJ Sophie Sugar and DJ Hiloco.

Snap one photo with DJ Hiloco from Japan. I spoke Japanese and she replied in English. Ironic.

Hot bloggers from Malaysian Hottest Bloggers. I of course took picture with them.

This time "Where's the Party" is held in non other than Carlsberg brewery itself. The place is transformed into a carnival. There are a lot of fun fair games that we can play to earn points. The points can later be used to exchange Carlsberg merchandise. If we win the game, we just have to use our RFID tag to tag the receiver at the game counter to earn the point.

Some games are just for fun and don't earn us point.

There are of course free food. The food stalls were setup in a street outside.

Too bad I only able to get 40 points. At 8 pm, the performance starts. I was still outside eating. Oh well, I've had enough of Dennis Lau and Shawn Lee for the past few days, so I'll give them a miss =P I like the performance by Crosfire and Paperplane Pursuit. High on Heels were great!

At the back, there were camps of foot massage, tattoo and fortune telling. The queue were so long there. I only managed to get my Bazi reading. Met some new friends there while waiting for the Fortune Telling. One of the new friend has the same surname as me. My surname is quite uncommon, so it's quite a surprise.

Nancy Seow and Simon Seow.

Free flow of beer all night long. At 1 am, free lok lok. 6 or 7 lok lok lorries came and by the time I go there, half were emptied.

After filling up my stomach with lok lok, I took the shuttle bus back to Shah Alam Stadium where I parked my car. Taxis were there waiting to take those that is too drunk to drive. Carlsberg promotes responsible drinking.