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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year! 2012

How time flies, it's already Chinese New Year.

Wishing all of you that celebrate CNY a wonderful CNY.


Hope you win on your gaming sessions and also get a lot of big ang paos. This year I've only went for lousang two times. First is with the bloggers friend in the Bloggers Lousang Gathering and the second one is during the reunion dinner with family.

I am in CNY mood so not planning to write much. So, I'll just show the pictures from the Bloggers Lousang Gathering.

Genee, Yeeing, Ryan and Chutipond

Jiayeen whom was sick on that night

Lou sang starts! Huat ah!!!!

WTF. Nothing much left after we lou the sang lol.

Thank you to the co-organizers Carmen and Jayren

Anyone wants a comic 2012 calendar? Can order from Ernest.

Alright. That's all. Hope you all have a great Chinese New Year this year. By the way, Year of the Dragon will only comes on 4th Febuary 2012 during lap chun (立春) So even after 1st day of CNY it's still Year of the Rabbit =P


Simple Person said...

it is good sign that we need to lou sang until the stuff all around the table .. Huatt ahh..
Happy CNY...