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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So, I haven't blog about Nuffnang Asia-Pacificc Blog Awards 2011 dinner huh. Okay here it goes. Last year December, I was lucky enough to be invited again to NAPBAS. This time it's held in Marriot Putrajaya, the first NAPBAS that I went was held in Singapore and I got to travel and stay in Singapore for free thanks to Nuffnang.

As this is a Black Tie event, I purposely went to buy a blazer a day before.

Saw my secondary school's juniors, Vivien, Natalie and Ginny there. Jamie went to my alma mater for a short while too I think =P When I was in Form 5, they were still in primary school lol.

Bloggers from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Philipines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Japan were there. Spotted these three familiar bloggers. Hui Wen, Ringo and Audrey.

Oh. Omedeto again Ringo for winning the Best Fashion Blog.

and Chee Ching. The former was NAPBAS 2009's Most Original Blog Design nominee and the latter is NAPBAS 2011 Most Original Blog Design nominee.

came all the way from Penang and she won a hair make over for this event. She sat at the same table as me at NAPBAS 2009 and this time she's sat at the same table with me again lol. This time she can't bring her Mr.B though.

was one of the Singapore blogger that I met way back in 2008 during Nuffnang Pajamas Birthday Party. She is now Miss Universe Singapore 2011. I remembered I used to ask her for a Nang on MSN lol.

Boss Ming, co-founder of Nuffnang need no introduction.

Nuffnang Singapore Country Manager, Hui Wen and ex-Nuffie Robb.

Mentioned of Singapore and who won't know their famous blogger, XiaXue. Coincidentally we were both late on posting about NAPBAS 2011 =P She won Most Influential Blog and Region Best Blog.

Jiayeen with her tanned face. She came back from Krabi a day ago before NAPBAS 2011.

Ken was nominated in the Best Hidden Gem category.

, Joshua Ong and Michelle. Michelle put in a lot of hard work organizing this award dinner for us bloggers.

Of course, I have to take picture with Timothy co-founder of Nuffnang. A thumb up for you. Please invite me again for NAPBAS 2013 =P

The awards night was done greatly. The performers invited were very entertaining, especially Harith Iskandar. The stage is quite creative too. How they show the nominees. Good job done here Nuffnang Malaysia. You all can check out the full list of winners here.