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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial "Tag Your Love" Launch Party

So, anyone went to Pavilion and bought a bottle or two of the limited edition Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial "Tag Your Love" champagne? I was there last Monday for their launch party. Free flow of Rose Imperial, I think that night was the night that I had the most champagne I ever drank in my life.

Free flow champagne is one thing, able to bump into local celebrities and take picture with them is the fun part of the party.

Serena C was kind enough to take picture with near the backdrop so that I don't have to be alone. I also got a printed one that was took by the official photographer.

Took a glass of the Rose Imperial and started my non-stop champagne drinking that night lol.

One of the Malaysian Hottest Bloggers' blogger Naomi was there too. Another reason why I like event like this =P

Ezra, the host of "That Effing Show" from the YouTube channel PopTeeVee. The show talks about the current affairs in Malaysia in a sarcastic yet funny way. I am a subscriber to the channel, so it's delightful to bump into him. He happens to be a publisher (he's the publisher of Patrick Teoh's Teohlogy) and a DJ in BFM too.

Bumped into Fiqa again. She's so happening in events. Oh, well she's a model, actress and a student. So event like this most probably will see her lol. How does she juggles so many roles?

It's been a while I didn't bump into Elaine Daly and this is the first time meeting Carmen Soo in person. Thank you for taking picture with me.

Daphne Iking is the MC for the night. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture with her.

Yvonne sure changed a lot. She's a model now and I think she has forgotten that we first met in Nuffnang Pajamas Party 4 years ago lol.

Nice to meet Jess again in event. Every few months or weeks we're likely to bumped into each other.

And she brought her housemate Pamela along. Another lovely lady.

Surprise of the night. Ringo was there too! OMG. She looks so different without her gyaru way of makeup. Still beautiful as ever without gyaru makeup.

Lovely Esther was there too. Is it only or she's getting more beautiful each time I see her?

I saw Carmen Soo sitting in a corner talking to Melvin Sia, so I borrowed her for a while to camwhore =P

Okay, girls please don't say that I only put up girls picture here. Come, come, here's the picture of the handsome hunk, Melvin Sia (谢佳见). He won the Best Actor in a Drama Series in the NTV7 Golden TV Awards. He told me he shot a Taiwanese serial drama and a Singapore movie "Dragon Dragon Dance" will premier in the cinema here next month, March.

It sure was a fun night and took away my Monday Blue. I wondered if there's still any bottle left now.