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Thursday, April 30, 2009

QUIKSILVER & ROXY Summer/Spring Showcase 2009

Nigel invited me. I came late because I have to work until 8 p.m.. Missed most of the showcase. Lucky ShutterPulse's photographers, Nigel, David and Aaron took the pictures.

I am wearing a Quiksilver T-shirt here.

Joey G is the host of the showcase.

Girls, how can you go to the pool or beach without a Roxy bikini?

Not swimming? No problem because you can go out on a hot day in casual wear from Roxy like the one below.

Guys, you don't have to be jealous ok? There's still Quiksilver for us.

A round of applause for Quiksilver and Roxy please. *clapping sounds*

You want to see more? Go to the outlet in major shopping mall boys and girls. Don't know where? Click here lah.

Nice people that I met that night.

First time meeting her. But seen her name a lot in Nuffnang Innit lately.

He's very famous already, so don't have to say his name lah.

Having red wine with Hitomi.

I think his name is Joey.

Steph K, whom is quite active in going to events nowadays.

Just wanted to see how our tongues look like after red wine. Serge, Yenniedoll, Jessica and Hitomi in this pic.

Kel Li and Hsu Jen of course were there too.

Okay. Gotta go already, need to pack my bags for my Penang trip tomorrow on Labour Day.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ka Hing Special Vietnamese Flat Rice Noodle Restaurant, Segambut

Simon Says: This post will be published in KLue Blog too. ;) Look out for my face in their April edition too. Kekeke.

Warning: Tidak Ditanggung Halal

At the current economic situation, most of us will try to look for more economical or affordable food when we are eating out to save the money for the unforeseen future. When it comes to Vietnamese food, those that were found in the shopping mall, the price is more of the mid and upper market that will cost us RM 20 and above just for a drink and a main.

Luckily for me, I found an authentic Vietnamese restaurant near my place in Taman Sri Sinar that is nice and affordable at the same time. If fully translated from the Chinese name of the restaurant, it will be called Ka Hing Special Vietnamese Flat Rice Noodle Restaurant. So, this Vietnamese restaurant specialized in flat rice noodle. The boss and staffs were Vietnamese. Only the boss and one of the waitress there can commune in Cantonese or simple English. There other, only speak in Vietnamese. I heard they talked to each other in Vietnamese.

Your typical kopitiam setup, if you don't look closely, you won't know that it's a Vietnamese restaurant.

This is my second time here, so I ordered my usual, the Braised Trotter Noodle and Vietnamese Spring Roll. As for drink, continue reading...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Simon Cooks: Half-boiled Egg On Cheese Toast

It's time again for a lesson in lazy cooking. This time I'll be making something that you will find in Oldtown Kopitiam with a little twist. I added cheese on top of the bread.


1 slice of whole meal bread
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1 Omega 3 egg


Put the cheddar cheese on top of the whole meal bread slice. Toast it in the oven or microwave oven. As for me, I used microwave oven and from my trial and error, toast it at high for 2 minutes give the best result.

You'll be able to get something like this:

While, the cheese and bread is being toast, prepare about 1 liter of boiling water. Put the Omega 3 egg in a container, I used a saucepan for this. Pour the boiling water into the container with the egg inside. Be sure that the water covers the egg. Put on the lid and leave it for about 5 to 6 minutes.

After 5 to 6 minutes, prepare a bowl of room temperature water, take out the egg from the container with a spoon. Put it into the bowl of water to let it cool down for about 10 seconds, then break the egg and open it on top of the cheese toast. Put a drop or two of soya sauce and a pinch of pepper to taste on the half-boiled egg.

There, the half-boiled egg on cheese toast is ready. The half-boiled egg slides off the toast so I accidentally break it hence the picture. Nevertheless, it still tasted good. Until next time then for lazy cooking. For simple and healthy meals, you might want to learn from the Fucking Cook.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hennessy Artistry is Back This Thursday

It's been awhile now.

For me, it all started at Zouk KL last year March. Then there's the one at Aloha. Not to mention the biggest of em' all in Bukit Kiara. Last but not least, the last one for last year is at Orange Club.

It's back again ladies and gentlemen. Hennessy Artistry event 2009 will be starting this Thursday.

Headlining the first party this April will be local hip hop home boy Caprice. Packing a punch and joining his energetic vibe on stage, is Starz Angels, the dynamic duo from the land of France. These two sensational music maestros that hit The Loft, KL on 23 April and QEII, Penang on 25 April are not only exceptional performers but young go-getters that have established a name for themselves in their local scene and the global arena with their supersonic acts, lip smacking music and insatiable passion for high powered tunes.

Caprice, the cute 21 year old has achieved what many thought was initially impossible. He is one of Malaysia’s fastest rising urban youth icons, a singer cum rapper, and a well rounded entrepreneur. His passion for music, creative ambition and self expression has accelerated him into shooting two music videos, and releasing two songs that has become a no. 1 hit on - ‘Fantasy Girls’ and ‘Dem Girls’.

What are you waiting for now? Quickly go and RSVP yourself here if you haven't done so.

For those in KL:
23rd of April 2009

Upstairs @ The Loft
Unit 28 to 40 Jalan Doraisamy
Off Jalan Sultan Ismail (Asian Heritage Row)

For those in Penang:
25th of April 2009

QEII, Penang

See ya all there. I'll be going to the one in KL of course. Free flow Hennessy cocktail here I come.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tasty Pot, Sunway Mentari

Sunway Mentari can now be thought as a place for steamboat buffet because there are now so many similar restaurants opening there. So, competition is high and doing a normal steamboat buffet might not attract customer anymore unless you're the pioneer. This is why Wenny, the lady boss of Tasty Pot have to come up with interesting soup base for the steamboat. The soya clear soup base and the soya curry soup base.

Thanks to Timothy that arranged a food tasting session for us food bloggers. I was able to taste all the 6 soup base that were sold in Tasty Pot. The first thing that caught my eyes when I reached Tasty Pot is the whole lamb being roasted by the road side. I thought to myself,"Am I invited for the opening of this restaurant? But I don't see any flowers." Only later that I found out from Timothy that there will be one roast lamb roasted every day and it's included in the package.

Be sure to take the roast lamb early, if not you'll left with bones.

One of the most important factor except for the soup is the sauce that is available. Which pointed out by Rebecca, especially chili sauce. She tried all the four sauces available, while I only try the garlic chili sauce which is good enough to goes with the food that I cooked in the steamboat.

The third most important factor for a good steamboat meal is of course the raw ingredients. Tasty Pot has a lot of variety from greens, seafood, chicken, fish, fish balls, fu chuk, yong tao fu, mushrooms and many more.

What if I don't like to cook the raw ingredients in soup? Well, no problem there because I can always choose the ingredients that I like and send it to the grilling section. Even if you don't bring your selection to the sifu in grilling section, they are always grilling something. There's squid, bamboo clam, crab, prawn, si hum (cockle), sweet corn and almost any available raw ingredients can be grill here.

Okay, let us get back to the steamboat. There are herbal, tom yum, sze chuan hot & spicy, porridge, soya, and curry soya base soup. I get to try all six of them. Of all the soup base, my favourite is the soya and curry soya. Wenny told us that she learned the soya soup base from her aunt in Taiwan and did some minor modification herself. It is soya milk mixed with chicken broth. Oh by the way, Tasty Pot is a pork free and beef free restaurant.

One of my best choice that night is cooking the crab shell with roe in the soya soup base. It came out just right because the soup will not cover the 鲜 taste of the crab roe but compliment it nicely. Instead of coconut milk, soya milk was use in the curry soup base here. Ladies will surely like it because it's not as fattening as santan and much healthier. I don't feel jelak at all eating my tofu pok and fu chuk cooked in the curry soya soup.

The roast lamb is not bad too. Only black pepper sauce is available because mint sauce doesn't sells in bulk and it will be too costly to buy all in bottle. The grilled squid is best eaten with the green chili lime sauce. I like the way the squid is cut, it added an extra layer to the texture.

If you let the soya soup to cool down, you can make fu chuk (dried soya slice) out from the surface. Best to use the satay stick available from the grill section. No, there's no satay but there's sticks of sausages. Rebecca took a better picture of me with the fu chuk I made. A bit of warning for those who want to make the fu chuk, it is a bit salty, you might want to dip it into the sourish chili sauce before eating it.

There's also octopus and dried fish belly. Some of my favourite ingredients in a steamboat. With so many choices and on such a valued price. It's quite hard to find anymore. The best thing is that you down have to grill you own food which means no more super oily face.

As for dessert, there's Nyoya kuih and ice-cream. I think there's about 8 flavours to choose from if I remember correctly. Funny that I can't find any fruits there, finish already?

Oh, please do not waste your food, there's penalty in unfinished food.

To summarize it all, it's a great food outing with the foodies Timothy, Rebecca, Sidney, and Ken. Meeting Timothy and Ken for the first time, and Rebecca for the second time which I forgot that I met her in KY's Christmas Party last year for the first time. Sigh, I have such bad memory.

Overall Rating: 4/5

I personally recommend the soya soup and curry soya soup.


9, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 603 5630 1282
Business Hours: 12pm to 1am Daily

Map from their website here.

Other ppl's view:


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Star Trek: AMBP First Contact at Studio V

I am a regular visitor to Studio V these days. Mostly due to performance or interviews organized my my favourite Chinese radio station 988 FM. Today I got a message from All Malaysians Blogger Project that they will be doing their annual blogger gathering in Studio V, Rainforest, 1 Utama, which is pretty obvious because Studio V is owned by The Star and both 988 an AMBP is part of The Star group. If you're AMBP member, you would have know this event by now. Don't worry if you're not an AMBP member, just go and register yourself and you can join this gathering straight away. Be fast though, there's only 100 places available.

More info available here.


Date: May 1, 2009 (Friday, Labour Day)Time: 1.30pm onwardsVenue: Studio V & V2, 1 Utama (Rainforest, New Wing)Screening Venue: Hall 3, Golden Screen Cinemas, One Utama* *There will be full security at this screening and guests will not be allowed to bring in any recording and electronic devices i.e mobile phones, PDAs, notebooks etc

1.30pm Registration of guests and Movie Ticket Redemption
2.00pm Intro speeches, and activities highlight/Ice-breaking Games
2.15 pm Luncheon/Star Trek Trailers
2.45pm Gopher Product Intro Talk followed by Treasure Trek
3.00pm - 5.30pm Treasure TrekAMBP Interviews BloggersPhoto op with Star Trek Captain's ChairAuction of Star Trek Captain's ChairPhoto Session with Star Trek Characters(Studio V2)Fun time with Red FM
5.30pm Star Trek Trivia Challenge
6.00 pm Lucky Draw
6.20pm Prize Presentation: Treasure Trek /Trivia Challenge /Online Contest
6.45pm Usher guests to Cinema Hall
7.00pm Movie Screening

For Star Trek fans, this is a gathering not to be miss because you'll be able to take picture with the Star Trek Captain's New Chair and even buy it back to your home through auctioning. Remember to bring your check book or loads of cash lol.

Only 100 invites available, what're you waiting for now? Click here to participate.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quiksilver & Roxy Spring Summer Showcase 2009

Hello World! Yes, it's been a few days I've not updated my blog. Kinda busy with work and of course filing my tax. Yes, it's only 17 more days for those of you that kena tax to fill your tax. My advise is to use E Filing :p

Okay, enough about those serious stuff. Now let us talk about some fun stuff. If you got nothing better to do tomorrow, why not drop by Mid Valley for the Quiksilver/Roxy Summer/Spring Collection Showcase 2009? Not only you'll get to see the models walking with the latest collection. There will also be a special promotion on that day:

1. Quiksilver & Roxy Preferred Card Members can enjoy up to 30% discount for all new arrivals from 6pm - 10pm.*
2. Purchase 100ml of Quiksilver or Roxy perfume and get a free Quiksilver / Roxy bag.*
3. One lucky shopper on the 15 April that shops at Quiksilver / Roxy Midvalley will walk away with RM1000 worth of products.*

*terms and conditions apply*

Isn't that great? I am now a Quiksilver convert after my cousin Elaine bought me two Quiksilver T-shirt and one long sleeves shirt.

My Quiksilver long sleeves shirt. It's now my favourite clubbing shirt.

One of my Quiksilver T-shirt with a sexy picture on it.

For tomorrow, most probably I'll wear the T-shirt that's not shown here.

I've got the invitation thanks to Nigel but those that don't have the invitation can takes this opportunity shop during the special promotion that day. See you there!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flipping Through KLue Magazine...

and I saw this...

KLue magazine April 2009 Issue 126. What's so special about the cover? Well, we all have to do something to save Earth and this month 28th 22nd is Earth day. Ok, it's not the cover, it's half a page inside KLue Magazine that I saw this...

No, not the leng chai holding the prawn. Look at the leng chai next to that picture, see now? Yes, that's me lol. Ok lah, enough of shiok sendiri here. Now look closer..

See, see. Well, thanks to Nuffnang, I was one of the two guest blogger that will be posting a food review on KLue online version. This is the advantage of joing the Nuffnang Blog Community, once in a while you'll get opportunity like this.

To read my latest food review you can go to KLue Online, it will be publish at 12 p.m. today (Thursday 9th 0f April 2009).

Monday, April 6, 2009

Chance For You To Get A Free New Zealand Natural Ice-cream

Did I mention that my favourite ice-cream is New Zealand Natural? They are now having a promotion. Every week they will draw a random year of birth. If the first two digit of your MYKAD is the same as the number, on that week you can go to a New Zealand Natural outlet and show them your MYKAD. If you are the first 50, you'll be able to get a junior cup for FREE! Even if you're not the first 50, you'll be able to purchase a large cup at 50% discount, yes that's half the price, 一半, han, yat boon, setengah. Yes, I follow Rin's style.

This week's lucky year is...

Yes, so if you were born in the year 1879, 1979 or 2079, you're entitled to this promotion this week on 6th to 10th of April 2009 from 5pm to 7pm. Well, if those born on 1879 is still alive that is, and there's still 70 more years till 2079. So that's boils down to 1979, which ahem... yours truly was born. Opps, did I just gave away my age. Who cares anyway lol.

Valid at all New Zealand Natural Malaysia outlets except Bangsar Village and Queensbay Mall, Penang.

The “New Zealand Natural I.C Ice Cream Giveaway” is from 6th April - 29th May 2009, and the two selected numbers are valid for 1 week. Spread the word! We bet you know alot of people with the same first two I.C numbers! Enjoy your treat!

Please read the detailed Terms & Condition here.

New Zealand Natural here I come ;)

Join NZN Facebook Fans Page now to get updated on the weekly lucky number.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blogging Live With Maxis Broadband at Nuffnang Music Bash 09

Yo! Yo! Yo!

Simon here, blogging live from Maison, KL at the Maxis Broadband Nuffnang Music Bash 09. I'm a retired hip-hop singer with grey hair. I brought Adeline as my guest of tonight.

I was then caught up with some pretty 'security' staffs there. Ginny as usual is one of them.

Then I bump into a member of Village People.

Maxis is so good to provide the bloggers game to play. There is one PS3 game that 3 players can play at one go. 1 be the guitarist, 1 be the drummer and 1 more be the singer.

Steph the guitarist.

There were of course games to play. I formed a team with Jeffro, Sue, and Steph, group of 8. We were to play pass the line, I have to remember 3 verse of a song and pass it down. Too bad we didn't win Top Shop Voucher. But later I still won 2 movie tickets from GSC by answering "There's no mininum duration contract when signing up with Maxis Broadband"

Later, we were entertained by a band formed by bloggers, Nigel, Andrew, Kel Li, Hsu Jen, David, and Joshua called Hollogram.

So, that's all for now. I'm freaking hungry now, will go and queue up in the buffet line for my dinner. Simon Seow the retired hip-hop singer with grey hair signing off here from Maison KL, live blogging with Maxis Broadband.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fantasia - Zouk KL 5th Anniversary Bash

Thanks to Kel Li, I got invited to Zouk KL 5th Anniversary Bash with the name Fantasia. So, last Thursday on the 26th of March, I arrived at Zouk KL at about 8.40 p.m. VIP, media and invited guest will be allow to enter at about 9 p.m. and there will be free flow of whiskey and Heineken.

Soon Seng, me, Fuzz, David, Jen, Aaron, Yatz and Kel Li waiting to enter to Fantasia.

As more and more people gathered at the entrance, about 5 minutes after 9 p.m. the registration counter opens. We of course went in to the VIP/Media lane lol.

Us clubbers queuing for our entry pass.

Zouk KL is not joking when they put the party bash theme as Fantasia because I felt like I've walked in to a theme park with characters from Alice in the Wonderland, Mario Bros, and fantasy world.

We have dancers with colourful costume, clowns, man walking in high poles, and a lot more.

The clowns.

Ninja Spider?

I started with Terrace Bar, where the free flow drinks were served. Had a bottle of Heineken and then another glass of whiskey coke. As I was wandering around, I bumped into Dwayne. He then bring me to meet with Serene.

Coincidentally Serene and I wearing flower-ish clothes.

Yes. I am in Fantasia baby.

At about 10 p.m. we entered Zouk Club to kick off the party. There's free flow here from 10 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. ^_^

While I was downing my second glass of whiskey coke, Chris showed up in Zouk Club with Katherine.

With Joshua, Stan, Katherine, Chris and Soon Seng.

Nigel and I are so happy.

The DJ already spinning some cool club music, and everyone was happily dancing away.

I made my way to the bar to get whiskey on the rock for myself and Katherine. While queuing up to get the drinks, I saw a box fills with feather boas. So, I helped myself with one.

And this is how it looks like on me.

Sexy huh?

Jen and Kel Li then came over and took picture with me and the feather boa.

One way to attract girls to take picture with you is to wear a feather boa lol.

At about 11 p.m. Lap Sap joined with Point Blanc announced that it's time to launch the party. The bosses and staff of Zouk KL went on the stage to launch Zouk KL 5th birthday bash and then the pop the champagne, Lap Sap then spin their signatured music.

Lap Sap

Let the party begin.

I stayed and dance at Zouk. Then one of the colourful dancer came to me, then only I recognized that she's my friend Yikke. She's a professional dancer. About 15 minutes later, we adjourned to Velvet where it is playing retro music. I like retro.

Mambo Jumbo is the theme in Velvet that night. I then had some fun with my feather boa.

Kacauing Ren.

Fuzz having fun with the feather boa.

Yatz is not too happy with it lol.

We bumped into Fiqa in here too. She's seems to party a lot lately lol.

Fiqa and her friends.

Phuture is the next stop. DJ Goldfish and Point Blanc were dishing out some great music there.

Point Blanc

I went back to Velvet and bumped into Yikke and her dancer friends. Hence got his picture taken. Aren't they colourful?

I then wandered outside to take a break. Aaron was out there too, and I followed him to Terrace Bar where Nadia is having drinks with her friends. So, I sat down to rest. Joyce and Rudy came down to have Guinness from Aristo. I can't go into Aristo because I am not a VIP or Zouk Member T_T

Well, it's great fun that night. Having so many different clubbing rooms in one roof, no wonder Zouk KL is still going strong after five years of operation. I foresee a many more five years for Zouk. Happy Birthday Zouk KL!

I end this with a group picture at the entrance. Celine and Robert were in it. Jane, and Thomas were there too but I didn't bring camera so weren't able to take picture with them.

Photo credits to David, Nigel and Aaron from ShutterPulse. Also to Dwayne for picture of me and Serene.