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Friday, September 30, 2011


What the hell is this Code Friday anyway?

Pernod Ricard Malaysia is launching their Global Responsible Drinking Campaign tomorrow. Do come and find out what you can do to avoid drink driving, dissuade pregnant women from drinking, learn about risks linked to alcohol, advocate moderate drinking, and make your staff aware of their responsibilities.

See you there :)

Be in control. If you drink, don't drive.

P.S. Post is from Jerine's blog.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween

I visited Hong Kong Disneyland again this time when I went to Hong Kong but I only went for the night entry. From of September until 31st October Hong Kong Disneyland will be having Halloween special. Business hour extended till 11p.m. Night entry starts from 5.30 p.m. onwards.

Luckily for me, Sook Lee and Sook Yee were in Hong Kong too and were planning to go there on the same day as me. So, I joined them for Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween. This is the first time we meet each other since I started reading their blogs 3 years ago.

If you are lucky you'll get to take picture with Jack Skellington.

Halloween Special rides, attractions, parades and performance were added.

In Tomorrowland, there will be a Halloween Street Party. The host will be there to play games with the guests and also performance like the Head Falling dance.

Space Mountain ride added with a Ghost in there.

By night, Main Street, USA will be filled with "zombies". They will suddenly appear in front of you if you are not aware.

The zombies will dance when the music is on.

Who's the most timid of us all?

Most of the Halloween attractions are not scary except for Haunted Hotel, which I think could gives Ocean Park haunted houses a run for their money.

Go throught Cursed Jungle in Adventureland, you'll get to take pictures with ghosts and mythical monsters.

Of course, not to be missed is the Halloween Parade.

By the way, even if you only bought the night entry passes, some of then normal rides are still available, so it's not limited only to those Halloween rides or attractions.

Do not miss out the fireworks and lighting display.

Revenge of the Headless Horseman is another haunted house available but personally I think the haunted hotel is scarier.

Be sure to catch the Headless Horseman when he roams around Disneyland.

I took the opportunity to ride the Jungle Cruise because I didn't visit Adventureland last I came here.

Overall, Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween is not too bad. It's of course not for those looking for pure scare or thrill. At least the queue is not long during night lol.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園, Tsim Sha Tsui

I am staying at a guest house in Chungking Mansion, yesterday I woke up quite late and it's almost lunch time. So, my plan to go Central for Sang Kee's porridge has to be put off because I will be going to Disneyland later in the day so I don't want to travel so far for lunch. Just as I was walking towards the MTR station, some lady handed me a leaflet saying Lan Fong Yuen just opened in Woodhouse, Chungking Mansion. Yes, it's just at the basement next to the place I am staying.

The wall in this branch is decorated with Alan Tam's autographed LP album covers and posters.

Craving for some nice Hong Kong milk tea, off I went into the basement of Woodhouse. I can see a lot of eateries were newly opened. There's Jika Udon which is I can see before I found Lan Fong Yuen which is at the end and at the corner. I've been to the Lan Fong Yuen in Central. This is third branch. So, business must be brisk for them.

The lunch crowd started coming once it's 12 p.m.

Tempted to order "G dum dao low ting" but I wanted to try some other food from here, so I ordered their set lunch that cost HKD$42 that comes with a daily soup and drink. The main, I chose stir-fried fat beef slices with enoki mushroom.

The fat beef is very nice and tender. A very appetizing meal. The only thing I don't quite fancy is that the gravy is a bit too starchy.

Daily soup

I of course ordered Hong Kong hot milk tea for drink. Some might not like that milk tea here but the milk tea here is just what I like. It's not too milk-ish nor too strong of tea taste. The balance is just right.

The place is packed during lunch hour

Now we don't have to cross over to Central to get Lan Fong Yuen, there's one in Tsim Sha Tsui already and it's more comfortable and bigger space than the one in Central. If you are looking for a nice quick lunch and a cup of balance Hong Kong milk tea, this is just the place to come and have a try.


Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園
Shop 26, LG, Chungking Mansion (Woodhouse)
36-44 Nathan Road , Tsim Sha Tsui
(Take Exit D1 of Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

North Point Egg Pancake (北角鸡蛋仔)

I am now in Hong Kong again. After dinner yesterday with my HK cousin, Elaine. I walked her to Jordan to take her mini van to go home from Tsim Sha Tsui. On the way, she told me that whenever she walked pass this 鸡蛋仔 (egg pancakes) shop, she has the urge to buy and eat one but when she wanted to buy, she'll feel full and will stop herself from buying.

This time is different because she's walking passed this shop with me. Just buy 1 portion, she can eat one or two bites and the rest I will take care of lol. I found out that she's talking about the branch of the famous 北角鸡蛋仔 (North Point Egg Pancake). Since, I won't have the time to go all the way to North Point, the branch will have to do.

The shop is very proud many celebrities were their customers.

It's not many people because it's weekday and the time is about 10.00 p.m. Yet, we still need to take a number when ordering.

Selling for HKD$15 per portion and you'll get HKD$2 discount if you order two portions at one go.

This is where the egg pancakes were made.

I know why so many people likes their egg pancake. It's very crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside. The best part is that it's not very sweet, just nice. It's quite important for a health conscious society like today.

There are many branches opened around Kowloon and Hong Kong, so if you have no business in North Point, you don't have to purposely go there to buy this. I bought this at Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui on the way to Jordan from Tsim Sha Tsui.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stars Studded Louis Vuitton Island Maison Opening, Sands Marina Bay Mall

I was in Sands Marina Bay Mall yesterday evening and saw a lot of people around the Louis Vuitton Island Maison. I heard from my sister that Chow Yun Fat and about 20 more celebrities will be coming for the opening ceremony. I was able to capture some of them making their entrance through the elevator. There were Vivian Hsu, Vicky Zhao, Lisa S, Ana Rivera (not Amanda S, sorry :p), Takeshi Kaneshiro and Chow Yun Fat. In between there were also Korean celebrities like Kwan Sang Woo, Japanese football player Hidetoshi Nakata, Bollywood stars and Cate Blanchett.

Here's the video that I edited. Sorry for the dark lighting.

No question that Chow Yun Fat was the friendliest and was love by the crowd there.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Slide @ T3

Do you know that if you shop at Changi Airport, the 7% GST is waived? So, if you come to visit Singapore, you should really drop by Terminal 3 at Changi Airport to shop. Yesterday evening I went to have dinner in Imperial Treasure, Crowne Plaza Hotel at Terminal 3. I found out that you can exchange for rides on The Slide @ T3 for every $10 you spent but a maximum of ten passes in one receipt.

What is The Slide @ T3?

It's actually a 12 meter slide that spans from the level 3 till B1 of Terminal 3.

You can exchange for a slide pass for each $10 you spent in Terminal 3, so remember to keep the receipt and exchange it if you feel like sliding. The minimum height to slide is 130 cm and the maximum is 200 cm. I luckily were 20 cm short of the maximum height.

Every $10 spent at T3 will get you one ticket.

I tried it once from the 10 tickets we got from the receipt in Imperial Treasure. I know why there's a maximum height to play, I found the slide is very slow if you are tall like me. At the end of the slide, I couldn't even make it out without using my leg to get myself out lol. Another thing is that my Crocs are too large with will have friction with the slide that will slow the ride down. Think twice before you take the ride if you are 180cm and above because you won't get a smooth ride down.

You just have to scan the ticket and go in the entrance to the slide. If there's someone still not out of the slide yet, you won't be able go into the entrance. My brother in law told me that the fastest speed someone done for the slide is 4 seconds.

Red light means someone still in the slide or haven't exited yet from the exit below.

This one nice way to give back to the shoppers and diners in Terminal 3, Changi Airport. Maybe KLIA should do the same to attract more people to shop there since KLIA is so much further from the city than Changi Airport :p

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Hari Malaysia but I am in Singapore

Happy Malaysia Day! Ironically, I am in Singapore now :p

I reached Singapore yesterday afternoon taking Nice++, usually I prefer to fly Air Asia because my sister's place is near Changi Airport but recently there's surcharge added on the airfare, so it's not that worth it anymore. Then my colleague told me that Groupon has a Nice++ deal. RM88 (normally will cost RM190) for return trips on Nice++? Straight away I charged it to my Maybank Debit Card and bought the deal. Terms & Conditions are that cannot exchange for rides on Friday, Saturday or Public Holiday. No sweat, I already took 3 weeks of leave so going on Thursday coming back on Monday is not a problem for me.

The Nice++ ride is very comfortable and it comes with a touch screen LCD running on Android. I can surf the web, play games or watch HD movie during the ride. How cool is that? One complain is that after departing from KTM pick up point, the bus went to KL Sentral and another pick up point to pick other passengers, wasted 30 minutes there. Another thing is that it we have to change to another bus in Johor Bahru Custom because the bus will continue on to drop the passenger in Johor Bahru and another bus will take the rest to Singapore.

On the other bus, a Japanese elderly woman suddenly asked me a question. So, I spoke back in Japanese that I almost forgotten already. I learned Japanese more than 10 years ago after I watched Long Vacation :p Nowadays most probably Korean is the more popular foreign language to learn. Found out that from the elderly woman that she's a volunteer in Japan Club in KL teaching Japanese. She come to Singapore just to have her passport stamped, Japanese gets a 3 months staying visa automatically in Malaysia, so before the 3 months is up, she has to leave the country to 'renew' her visa. She's been working in Sri Lanka for 12 years on precious stones. She told me that her hometown in Ibaraki is affected by the radiation dust, so even if she goes back to Japan, she have to stay in a friend's house in another unaffected perfecture. So sad to here that. Pray that the trouble in Japan will be over soon. She also told me that Fuji Mountain is a sleeping volcano and if it wakes up, there will be more trouble in Japan.

Okay, that's my little adventure while on the way to Singapore. I just had supper two hours after I had my dinner. My cousin sister drove by with her husband and son and took me to TP 802 Food House to have hokkien mee and a lot of other food. OMG. I am stuffed. I will write about it in another day. Time to watch some YouTube videos and the take my flu medicines and then go to sleep because the medicine will make me drowsodod..df.m.

Oh, by the way, have you registered to be a voter? If not, then please take a look at this video. Undilah, Jangan Tidur!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mai Ramen 1st Birthday!

I was invited to Mai Ramen 1st year birthday buffet session two weeks ago. I was invited because the owner wanted to show a token of appreciation of the food post that I wrote when I first ate at Mai Ramen last year. They are so generous that I can invite 3 guests to come dine with me.

So, I invited Emily, and brought two of my cousin sisters Joyce and Jas along with me. The night customer will pay a fee for the birthday buffet, and since it is a birthday celebration, Mai Ramen decided to throw in a deal for the paying customers. The customer that can finished a bowl of ramen within 2 and a half minutes will have his/her fee waived. Quite a few customers managed to win the challenge.

There is a buffet spread on the table. I can have as many as I want. You see that the buffet spread is kind of few in variety right?

House salad

Chicken karaage, tamago sushi and tofu skin sushi

Favourite Japanese snack of most people, Takoyaki balls

Of course the gyoza in Mai Ramen is a must have

Don't worry, there's another part of the buffet that you can order the ala carte dishes. Those dishes is not nice to eat if put on the buffet spread for too long.

I love the salmon sushi roll.

The owner is so generous that we get a plate of salmon sashimi that is not in the buffet menu.

Soft shell crab temaki is yummy.

Crispy prawn tempura. That's why have to be made to order.

Of course, coming to Mai Ramen without eating their Tonkotsu Ramen is like haven't been to Mai Ramen before. I see that the quality is still maintained. Best of all, I get to put in the toppings myself from the buffet spread.

Chashu, pork belly and Ajitsuke tamago (seasoned half-boiled eggs) are a must in my ramen.

We were so full after so many food. As we thought that we will end it after finishing the last of the food, the staff then brought out a peanut snow mountain to us as dessert. Oh well, there's always room for dessert.

We were all so happy that night. Thank you Mai Ramen. Happy Birthay and hope there will be many more birthday to come ;)

I was holding the almond biscuit Emily got for me in Macau

Jas & Joyce

Mai Ramen Cafe
13-6, Block D, Jaya One

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Training Days

Sorry for the short hiatus. Currently I am in a 5 days week of training so a bit lazy to update my blog with a long post :p

Some of you might have know that Guinness Arthur's Day concert is just about 2 weeks away. Happening on 23rd September 2011. The International artist that will be performing is Taio Cruz and the on going voting for the 3 groups out of 6 groups local artistes that will also be performing on that day. More of the voting here. This time it's by exclusive invitation only. Don't worry, there are a few ways that you'll be able to get the invitations. For Nuffnangers, get your Arthur's Day invitation here and for Churpers here.

Too bad I won't be in Malaysia on 23rd Sept. So, you guys enjoy yourself. To Arthur!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Guys Can Use Makeup Remover Too!

Two years ago when I went to Hong Kong and stayed in my aunt's house, my cousin sister taught me that before cleaning my face with facial cleanser, I need to remove the dust and impurities using a makeup remover first. I told here that I don't wear makeup, why do I need to use a makeup remover?

She then told me to use her Bioderma H2O based makeup remover. Indeed, after cleaning my face with Bioderma, what I saw on the cotton is dark coloured impurities, oil and dust. That's what one day going outside our polluted city will do to our face. Too bad Bioderma is not available in Malaysia, so my next trip to Hong Kong this will be on my shopping list.

I like the fact that Bioderma is water based and not oil based so it won't have an irritating after feel and it's very suitable for guys that don't put on makeup to use as a per-cleansing cleanser.

This is how the cotton looks like after cleaning the face with Bioderma Makeup Remover.

After makeup remover, I then will use a facial cleanser to clean my face. I have no particular brand of cleanser that I use but my cousin sister is using Amway Artistry line of cleanser. She said it's the most suitable and effective on her skin. After using the facial cleanser, twice or thrice a week, I will use a scrub for deep cleansing until I was introduced to Sothys Desquacrem by the beautician from Beauty Works. It's a cream that does deep cleansing like a scrub but without those tiny beads that normally found in a scrub. In short, it works like or better than a scrub but doesn't hurt your skin like one. I fell in love with Desquacrem immediately. I was given a sample to use at home, will surely go back to Beauty Works to purchase one after I finished the sample.

After that, it is of course time to use a toner to make the pores smaller or once or twice a week use a cleansing and hydrating mask or both masks. Lastly if of course the moisturizer and if you have the money, then you might spend on some night or day serum. Now you know why your girl friend takes a long time in the bathroom. So that they can look good even without makeup.