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Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Hari Malaysia but I am in Singapore

Happy Malaysia Day! Ironically, I am in Singapore now :p

I reached Singapore yesterday afternoon taking Nice++, usually I prefer to fly Air Asia because my sister's place is near Changi Airport but recently there's surcharge added on the airfare, so it's not that worth it anymore. Then my colleague told me that Groupon has a Nice++ deal. RM88 (normally will cost RM190) for return trips on Nice++? Straight away I charged it to my Maybank Debit Card and bought the deal. Terms & Conditions are that cannot exchange for rides on Friday, Saturday or Public Holiday. No sweat, I already took 3 weeks of leave so going on Thursday coming back on Monday is not a problem for me.

The Nice++ ride is very comfortable and it comes with a touch screen LCD running on Android. I can surf the web, play games or watch HD movie during the ride. How cool is that? One complain is that after departing from KTM pick up point, the bus went to KL Sentral and another pick up point to pick other passengers, wasted 30 minutes there. Another thing is that it we have to change to another bus in Johor Bahru Custom because the bus will continue on to drop the passenger in Johor Bahru and another bus will take the rest to Singapore.

On the other bus, a Japanese elderly woman suddenly asked me a question. So, I spoke back in Japanese that I almost forgotten already. I learned Japanese more than 10 years ago after I watched Long Vacation :p Nowadays most probably Korean is the more popular foreign language to learn. Found out that from the elderly woman that she's a volunteer in Japan Club in KL teaching Japanese. She come to Singapore just to have her passport stamped, Japanese gets a 3 months staying visa automatically in Malaysia, so before the 3 months is up, she has to leave the country to 'renew' her visa. She's been working in Sri Lanka for 12 years on precious stones. She told me that her hometown in Ibaraki is affected by the radiation dust, so even if she goes back to Japan, she have to stay in a friend's house in another unaffected perfecture. So sad to here that. Pray that the trouble in Japan will be over soon. She also told me that Fuji Mountain is a sleeping volcano and if it wakes up, there will be more trouble in Japan.

Okay, that's my little adventure while on the way to Singapore. I just had supper two hours after I had my dinner. My cousin sister drove by with her husband and son and took me to TP 802 Food House to have hokkien mee and a lot of other food. OMG. I am stuffed. I will write about it in another day. Time to watch some YouTube videos and the take my flu medicines and then go to sleep because the medicine will make me drowsodod..df.m.

Oh, by the way, have you registered to be a voter? If not, then please take a look at this video. Undilah, Jangan Tidur!