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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Breeze Cafe

I taught my friend who runs a cafe in Ipoh called Breeze Cafe to create a blog or two in I created one for his personal and another for Breeze Cafe.

Breeze Cafe can be say is the most happening cafe in Ipoh right now. You can find live band singing every day in Breeze Cafe. The outdoor sitting is very spacious and cooling with nice landscaping. The indoor sitting is somewhat have a Japanese feel to it. Also there are board games, cards and Jenga that you can play upon request.

There is a VIP room with Karaoke system. Just like any room you find in a reputable karaoke lounge. You can use the VIP room with a minimum expenses of around RM 250 120(correct me if I'm wrong).

The food are at a reasonable price. Ranging from RM 5.++ to 20.++. There's Hong Kong style food to Western Food to local food. Specialty drinks like Traffic Light (a drink with 3 different juice) and some cocktails. Sorry to be brief here because their menu is always updated with new items so it will be better if you check out Breeze Cafe blog site often for new pricing and menu items.

Sometimes there will also be celebrity doing their promo in Breeze Cafe. A few that were there for the promo of their album are Serene and Stella Chung. So, if you're happen to be in Ipoh and nothing to do at night, why not head down to Breeze Cafe have some of their famous finger food, specialty drinks and listen to the live band while feeling the breeze that is breezing in the area.


ling239 said...

erm... so when u going to help me promote my blog ? :p

Simon Seow said...

Wah, your blog no need me to promote la, I think the other way around is much better. The sure way to promote your blog is as Kenny Sia to pug you.

ling239 said...

aiseh.. but he no fren me leh ? :p

Anonymous said...

but ur fren din update the blog leh...