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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Runway 101 at HELP University College

TheNanny invited some of us bloggers to the Runway 101 event that is organized by his club and his the organizing chairman. Basically Runway 101 is a competition to choose the best student that took part in terms of catwalk and modeling quality.

The competition started at 7pm but due to work commitment, I only arrive there at 7.45 pm, just in time for their 1st half break. So, I totally missed out the 1st half of the catwalk.

The red carpet walk way.

MC of the night.

Some of the participants during the 2nd half of the catwalk. I lost the name list so can't remember the names :p

Natasha, and Denezia from Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 were the guest model there to do catwalk besides the participant.

Oh, Juanita is one of the judges.

After the catwalk session, it's time for Q&A for the top 5. The questions were prepared by each judges and the top 5 contestant will pick one from the box.

One of the contestant answering the question she picked.

Before the result is announced, we were entertained by a group, Nigel & Co. if I remember correctly. They did few numbers of song and the most interesting one if the male version of Britney Spears' "Oops, I did it again". Nice.

Jennifer (if not mistaken) emerge the winner. I thin mostly because of the votes garnered from the audience. Each audience can vote and it will contribute to the points. She's obviously has a lot of supporter there that night from the shouting of her name.

The 1st winner of Runway 101 was crowned.

It was a very successful event. A job well done, Mr. Organizing Chairman a.k.a. TheNanny a.k.a Dennis Khor. Photo with Diese, Zoe Yve, Dennis and Natasha.

Of course there's Mr. EveryWhereYouSeeHim

Angela, one of the official MDG2 Blogger.

A picture with the first runner-up winner.

ShitZoeTM made a guest appearance to congratulate Dennis for the job well done. We all then embarked to Bangsar for yumcha session.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Kg Sungai Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya

Not long ago, my colleagues and I went for a farewell dinner for a colleague that will has left our company. After much discussion, we decided to go to Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Kg. Sungai Kayu Ara. It's really not difficult to find this place. Just go along Sprint away towards Damansara Jaya, don't turn left into Damansara Jaya after you took the exit to DJ from Sprint. Go straight and then turn left at the first junction into a smaller road. Go straight all the way and you see Pantai Seafood Restaurant on your right after a short drive.

The first thing that attracted me is the aquariums that is filled with many variety of seafood.

Most of the seafood in the aquariums are not cheap. They have very huge mantis prawn that is selling for RM 130/KG @_@

Australian Lobster RM 298/KG

Exotic Australian Snow Crab, prepare to pay RM 228/KG for it.

Then there's also Canada Geoduck that people always make fun of because of the shape. RM 238/KG.

We of course didn't order any of those exorbitant priced seafood, we didn't come here because one of us won the 4D lol.

I like to take photo of my colleague's daughter, she's always have some funny face expression.

First dish that is served is Sheung Tong Yuen Choi, there's garlic cloves and slightly fried century eggs in the soup too. Just a normal dish nothing that is too out of this world.

Stir-fried snails with garlic and dried shrimps. The way the do it is like stir-fried pork intestine. The snails is quite springy. Not too bad.

Special fried tofu is fried until crispy in the outside and still soft inside. Dip a bit of the special sauce give it an extra taste.

I forgot what dish is this, I think it's stir-fried mantis prawn with salted egg yolk. Up to standard with the salty egg yolk equally covering the prawn meat.

Lemon chicken. Normal.

Steamed fish in assam. Fish is fresh and the sauce is very appetizing.

Braised pork.

In short, Pantai Seafood Restaurant is just like any normal restaurant you find out there except maybe the exotic live seafood in the aquarium. If you just want to eat a normal seafood meal, there're many other cheaper and tastier restaurants. If you have the money to splurge then you can try out the exotic seafood here.


Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A
Kg Sg Kayu Ara
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7725 5099/1099

Click here for map.

Other ppl's view:

Mei Yan
Babe KL

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MyView: Blood: The Last Vampire

I went to the premiere of Blood: The Last Vampire early of this month thanks to Nuffnang again.

All I can say is I was a bit disappointed, first the funny CGI and second is I was expecting the katana used be Saya to be like the one in Blood+, sigh. If you are a fan of Gianna Jun of "My Sassy Girlfriend" fame then this movie is for you. Die hard anime fans will be dissappointed by the disoriented story line. Where's Hagi??

Rating: 2.5/5

On the side line:

A lucky cosplay participant won a poster of Blood: The Last Vampire autographed by Gianna herself. She won because she sang one of the ending theme song from Blood+. Congrats. I would have did Hyde's version of the 2nd opening theme "Season's Call" if I got that early (I like L'Arc~en~ciel). I only finished work at 8pm.

I had a pleasant surprise to see Cindy sitting next to me when I got in the cinema. She's invited by Joshua.

More surprise came, Diese happens to sit next to Joshua lol. *hugz* She brought her sister to the movie.

Yennie and Jacquelyn happens to sit in front of us.

Last but not least my friend Sheila and I. :p

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Phai Lin Thai Restaurant, Sri Damansara Club

Simon Says: Get yourself invited for the media screening of Land of Lost this Friday.

I was invited by KampungBoyCityGal to a food review which was organized by one of their reader. It's quite a new Thai restaurant that is in Sri Damansara Club. Fellow foodies that were there too are Tham Jiak and Jason If I was not told, I won't know that the club is open to public, of course only some of the facilities like restaurants and food massage is for the public I think. As you reach the entrance of Phai Lin, you'll be greeted with two Thai statues.


Phai Lin is actually a Thai and Chinese restaurant, which means besides your normal Thai food, you'll have Thai food with Chinese influence or vice versa. There are already two outlet in Myanmar and the lady boss decided to expand the business to Malaysia. The Phai Lin in Myanmar is very big and grand from the photos that she showed us. Phai Lin is also a pork free restaurant and they are trying to apply for the Halal certificate. The lady boss is a Chinese Muslim herself.

My drink that I forgot the name. It's something like "honey something" but I won't recommend this.

First dish to arrive is the Spring Roll (Big/Small RM13/RM 8). There's sengkuang inside. Fried till crispiness and the interim is still juicy. Not too bad.

Spring Roll

Next up is Claypot Glass Vermicelli with Prawn (Big/Small RM 22/RM 15). One of my favourite Thai dish but I prefer crab instead of prawn. While using prawn is also not bad, crab gives the sauce more kick with the sweet taste from the crab. Nevertheless the prawns used is very fresh and the glass vermicelli absorbed the prawn's sweetness and the sauce. Slurp.

Claypot Glass Vermicelli with Prawn

Deep Fried Garoupa with Sweet and Sour Sauce (RM 35) got no complain from us except that we can't take a good picture with it lol. This dish I think it's a Chinese dish, if not mistaken is call (糖醋鱼). The fish is fried and then cover by the sweet and sour sauce, a very appetizing dish.

Deep Fried Garoupa with Sweet and Sour Sauce

After devouring the garoupa, it's time for Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Herb Thai Style (Big/Small RM18/RM12), such a long name lol. The herb is very aromatic and goes very well with the chicken wings.

Eating Thai cuisine wouldl not be complete without Tom Yam and that night we had Seafood Tom Yam Soup (Big/Small RM28/RM18). The tom yam is very nice and it's sourish enough. It's not too spicy so it's suitable for most people but not enough kick for me that can it very very spicy food. The soup is kept warm by the burning wax in the center of the pot.

Seafood Tom Yam Soup

Time to balanced the high protein meal with Stired-fried Mixed Vegetable (Big/Small RM17/RM11). Just your normal stired-fried vege nothing much to comment.

Stired-fried Mixed Vegetable

Mango Salad (Big/Small RM15/RM9.5) was served next and it's a good ending to a meal full for meat and seafood. Young mango is used and mixed with peanuts, shallot, bird eye chili, lime and fish sauce. It's quite addictive.

Mango Salad

When I thought that's the end of it, comes a special order that night, Raw Prawn Salad (Big/Small RM22/RM12). I think this is the house specialty because I seldom see this dish in other Thai restaurant. Very different of prawn sashimi because instead of soya sauce and wasabi, lime, raw garlic, Chinese parsley and mint leave were added to each raw prawn. The prawn is real fresh with a bit of springy texture and the mixes of the condiments covered the fishy taste of the raw prawn. Highly recommended to those that like raw food.

Raw Prawn Salad

Some hits and misses but nevertheless the food here is of good quality and affordable price. There's still a lot of dishes yet to be tried, so I will surely make another visit here with my friends and family. Good news is that they are looking to open another outlet and is now scouting for good location. Any recommendations?

Updates: I forgot, if you mentioned that you got to know Phai Lin from my blog, you'll get a discount on your food.

Phai Lin Thai & Chinese Restaurant
Sri Damansara Club Berhad
Lot 23304, Persiaran Perdana
Bandar Sri Damansara
52200 Kuala Lumpur

Click here for map.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I won Rexona Contest

Remember this post? I've posted it to enter the Rexona Contest. After about 6 months, finally the results are out. I won 2nd Prize x 1 : White Water Rafting Experience for 2. Since, it's for 2, I can invite another person to go with me. I can't seems to find anyone yet. So, I open up this place for a female blogger that is first to email me with the title "I Wanna Go White Water Rafting with Seow Lang". We'll be going White Water Rafting on 4th of July 2009 (Saturday). Time and venue to be confirmed later. Please email to me before noon tomorrow (12.00 p.m. 16th June 2009) if you're interested. ;)

My email is yyseow[at] with the details below (needed to register with the organizer)

Personal details required
1. Full name
2. IC Number
3. Contact number
4. Address
5. Health condition (eg: Asthma, high blood pressure)
6. Allergies/Pregnant

Update: Someone is really fast in sending in. So, sorry all, the place is taken.